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Roland EC-10 EL Cajon

Roland EC-10 EL Cajon

Roland EC-10 EL CajonRoland EC-10 EL Cajon adds Roland’s famous electronic percussion technology to this traditional percussion instrument. The self-contained instrument is battery powered and includes its own onboard amplification extending its capabilities to cover a wide range of percussion sounds in one portable instrument. The sound module includes 30 kits with sounds specially developed to complement EL Cajon—tambourine, djembe, shaker, acoustic snare, electronic drums, sound effects, and more. Top-mounted sound controls give quick access while performing. Rear panel controls include volume and a trigger balance knob. A mix in jack allows music to be played from a smartphone or other device.


Kristian Bush’s Gear

“I don’t usually do endorsements unless your product is just flat-out better than anything,” says Bush. But, here’s what he currently likes to use:

“I love Gibson guitars; I love Breedlove instruments as well. I use a log of their mandolins and some of their guitars. I own an ATI console in my studio.”

“I’ve recently been singing through this brand new microphone. They are a very small company out of Nashville, but for the last four weeks I’ve sung through these Miktek live microphones. I am so impressed. It feels to me like I’m singing into a Neumann, but I can hit it as hard as I hit a [Shure SM]58. I’m a loud singer and it has really changed the way that I hear myself onstage. I’m impressed.”

Black Diamond Ebonite BD5 Bb

Black Diamond Ebonite BD5 Bb

Economical Custom

CT-Vandoren-Black-Diamond-BD5-placeBernard Van Doren crafted the first BD5 by hand from Black Diamond Ebonite in the 1970s, but at the time, he lacked the technology to replicate it. Now armed with cutting-edge technology, Vandoren is able to precisely recreate the exceptional mouthpiece each and every time. Following six months of field testing with some of the world’s finest clarinetists, Vandoren has launched an affordable custom designed mouthpiece, the Black Diamond Ebonite BD5 Bb. Available in standard pitch and 13 Series, the BD5 has amazing clarity, depth, and presence, and an unmistakably Vandoren sound. With flawless intonation and performance, the BD5 is a rarity among mouthpieces.


The Real Book

The Real Book: Volume V, C Instruments

The Real BookThe Real Book is Hal Leonard’s alternative to poorly designed, inaccurate, badly edited fake books on the market today. The Real Book is extremely accurate, neat, and designed for practical use, and each of its more than 400 songs is fully licensed for use. Volume V highlights major jazz composers of the last 60 years, with special attention given to the 1960s and 1970s. Included arrangements represent work of the jazz giants of the last 40 years—Miles, Corea, Evans, Jobim, Mulligan, Siver, and Powell, as well as many newer artists.

The Real Book: Volume V, C Instruments, www.halleonard.com.

PG ALTA Microphones

PG ALTA Microphones

Adaptable Altas

PG ALTA MicrophonesShure’s new line of PG ALTA microphones offer professional sound at a budget-conscious price. There are 14 new products available, including several added value microphone kits. PGA Studio Kit 4, priced under $300, includes two versatile PGA181 ($99 individually) side-address condenser microphones suited for use with acoustic and amplified instruments, and vocals; one PGA52 ($119 individually) drum microphone, and one PGA57 ($59 individually) instrument microphone, plus four XLR-XLR cables, all in a protective carrying case.


D’Addario’s Reserve reeds

D’Addario’s Reserve Reeds

Precise Play

D’Addario’s Reserve reedsD’Addario’s Reserve reeds utilize the first practical and precise system for digitally measuring and cutting reeds to exact specifications to provide unparalleled consistency box to box. Reserve for clarinet is built on a standard thickness blank and features a shorter vamp for even sound, rounded tip corners for warmth, traditional thickness, and in strengths from 2.0-4.5, and a special 3.0+ strength. Reserve Classic clarinet reeds are built on a thicker blank, with a longer vamp for increased flexibility, squared tip corners for ease of response, and a thicker tip, in half-strengths from 2.0 to 4.5, with special 3.5+ and 4.0+ strengths. Reserve Alto Sax reeds feature a traditional blank option, heavy spine for dynamic flexibility, fine narrow rail for consistent response, traditional tip thickness, and half-strengths from 2.0-4.5 and special 3.0+ strength.


The Matthew Bellamy Signature Black Cort Guitar

The Matthew Bellamy Signature Black Cort Guitar

Cort-MBCThe Matthew Bellamy signature black Cort guitar features a unique shape and incorporates a sleek maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, solid basswood body, special Manson Guitar Works bridge humbucker, and true single coil neck pickup. A kill button allows a wide range of guitar effects to be created by the player without resorting to outboard effects. The headstock features the Muse guitarist’s signature along with the Cort logo.