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cleaning your wind instrument

Cleaning Your Wind Instrument Could Be Life or Death.

cleaning your wind instrumentCleaning your wind instrument isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, it could be a matter of life or death. According to an article published in the journal General Dentistry, many woodwind and brass instruments are heavily contaminated with bacteria and fungi. Through the act of merely blowing into an instrument, you are creating the perfect warm, moist environment for germs, mold, bacteria, and microscopic organisms.

Every time an infected instrument is played, contaminants enter the lungs. If they do not cause an infection, they can cause an immune system reaction that results in inflammation of the respiratory system, and eventually, hypersensitivity pneumonitis.

In one study published in The International Journal of Environmental Health Research, Tufts University scientists tested 20 instruments and found that all of them harbored living bacteria, mold, and yeast. Wooden reeds and mouthpieces had the most contamination. While that study was focused on student instruments, there have been many well-documented cases of instrument-caused illness in adults, even professionals.

The journal Chest reported on a 35-year-old trombone player whose 15-year cough went away after he began disinfecting his instrument with rubbing alcohol. The same journal reported on a 48-year-old saxophone player with lung disease. The molds ulocladium botrytis and phoma sp. were discovered in his saxophone. 

And there’s the well-known case of English bagpiper John Shone who suffered a near fatal infection caused by fungus growing in his bagpipes. “Failing to clean my pipes led to me becoming critically ill,” he reported in Piping Times. Shone, of Wiltshire, England, who has been playing since childhood, was hospitalized twice. Doctors were stumped until they learned he was a bagpiper. They tested his instrument and discovered deadly fungi, including rhodotorula and fusarium, which typically kill half the people they infect. 

One AFM member and trombone player suffered from asthma for 15 years, until he noticed that, when he was away from his instrument, his symptoms improved. “I had a horrible barking cough—especially when I played trombone,” he explained in a 2010 National Public Radio interview. 

When doctors at the University of Connecticut, where he was teaching at the time, took a culture from inside his trombone, they found the mold fusarium, as well as a type of bacteria called mycobacterium. He admitted he was once lax about cleaning his instrument, is now diligent about cleaning. “I use a rod with a cloth and I use alcohol—rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol,” he says. 

All wind instruments should, at the minimum, be swabbed on the inside after each use. In most cases, mouthpieces can be safely washed in warm water and dish soap. Brass instruments should be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned according to manufacturer suggestions every couple months, depending on use.

Yamaha EAD10

Yamaha EAD10 Stand-Alone Drum Module

Yamaha EAD10Yamaha EAD10 stand-alone drum module system lets drummers easily capture sounds on an acoustic kit with a single microphone/trigger component attached to a digital processor. The easy-to-mount system also allows you to add effects, providing endless creative potential with nearly 800 stored sounds and effects, an onboard sampler and 50 present combinations, with the ability to program 200 more. Live bands performing in small venues can connect the central module to a mixer and use EDA10 as a reference for the PA system to integrate the sound to a more coherent whole.


don giovanni

Don Giovanni Overture: Clarinet Octet

don giovanniThis arrangement of Mozart’s Don Giovanni Overture for Clarinet Octet includes parts for clarinet in Eb, clarinet in Bb (alternate to clarinet in Eb), four clarinets in Bb, clarinet in Bb (alternative alto clarinet in Eb), two alto clarinets in Eb, and two bass clarinets in Bb. All parts are written to challenge and interest students in grades six through eight.

Don Giovanni Overture: Clarinet Octet, arranged by Melanie Thorne,
Sempre Music, www.sempremusic.co.uk.

Morley Mini Trapezoids

Morley’s latest mini pedals incorporate the company’s classic trapezoid footprint. Suitable for guitar, bass, keys, and other instruments, the electro-optical pedals are housed in steel chassis, equipped with LED indication and quick clip battery door. They feature Pedal Glow treadle grip. The Mini Volume Plus (with foot selectable Minimum Volume), Mini Power Wah Volume (combo volume with wah level control), and Mini Maverick Switchless Wah (optically switched wah) are 6.75-inch long, 4.5-inch wide, by 2.75-inch high.


Hooke Audio’s Verse Headphones

Hooke Audio’s Verse Headphones

Hooke Audio’s Verse HeadphonesHooke Audio’s Verse headphones are unique in that they can also record in 3D audio. Incorporated specially designed binaural 3D microphones capture sound exactly as the human ear hears it, localizing sounds in 360 degrees. Hooke Audio’s apps allow users to pair the Verse with a smartphone camera, record videos (or just audio), and upload the results directly to social networks, delivering binaural 3D audio to any stereo headset or speaker configuration.


Social Media Campaign Recovers Stolen Cello

French soloist Ophelie Gaillard’s was robbed of the 18th-century cello she plays at knifepoint outside her home in a Paris suburb. Shortly after, she appealed for help on Facebook, sharing pictures of the $1.6 million instrument on loan to her from CID bank. Two days later she received an anonymous call that the cello was inside a car in front of her house. When she went outside she discovered it in the backseat of a car with a broken out window.

Gretsch G6228 Players Edition

The Gretsch G6228 Players Edition Jet BT

Gretsch G6228 Players EditionThe Gretsch G6228 Players Edition Jet BT with V Stoptail displays the same strong, punchy response that made Jet famous. It has a 1.85-inch chambered mahogany body with maple top, full-access rolled cutaway mahogany neck, 12-inch radius rosewood fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets, and aged perloid Big Block inlays. It features anchored Adjusto-Matic bridge, Gretsch “V” stoptail tailpiece, and Gotoh locking tuning keys. Broad’Tron BT 65 pickups meticulously capture the guitar’s sonic palette to reproduce powerful mids, extended lows, and smooth high end. No-load master tone pot with Squeezebox paper-in-oil capacitor and master volume with treble bleed circuit provide tonal control and flexibility. G6228 is available in black, Cadillac green, and dark cherry metallic. A left-handed version comes in Cadillac green.


D’Angelico Guitars

D’Angelico Guitars – Bedford, Atlantic, and Ludlow

D’Angelico GuitarsD’Angelico Guitars has introduced a line of solid-body electrics. All three models—Bedford, Atlantic, and Ludlow—feature Seymour Duncan pickups. Bedford is a 1960s-look offset with stacked single-coil neck pickup and bridge humbucker for warmth. Its sound is full and bright. It comes in a black finish with maple neck and six-point tremolo bridge. Atlantic is a single-cutaway solid-body built for full, loud tones. A deep belly cut and thinner body keep it lightweight, and slim-C neck shape gives it playability. Ludlow (pictured) is a unique offset that provides effortless access to the highest frets with a slim c-shape neck. Its coil tapping push/pull tone knobs allow a range of sounds and remarkable sustain from the oversized body shape.


TRBX604FM and Five-String TRBX605FM Basses

TRBX604FM and Five-String TRBX605FM Basses

TRBX604FM and Five-String TRBX605FM BassesYamaha four-string TRBX604FM and five-string TRBX605FM basses bring the elegance of intricately finished flame tops and matching headstock veneers to TRBX series’ comfort-contoured mahogany body, bolt-on five-piece maple/mahogany necks, and premium electronics. Able to deliver the right tone for every music style, custom Yamaha H series pickups use four Alnico V pole pieces per string for wide frequency response and noise-free operation. The TRBX604(5) onboard electronics allow players to take full advantage of the pickup’s range with easy-to-use balance control and three-band active/passive EQ. Retail prices range from $970 to $1,070.


Fuzz Factory Vertical

Fuzz Factory Vertical

The Vexter series Fuzz Factory Vertical is a five-knob Zvex pedal that allows control of every aspect of your sound. “Gate” squelches noise after the end of sustain or can be used to tune in exact feedback pitch. Adjust “Comp” to add attack, get softer, or tune in fat feedback fuzz. “Drive” increases distortion and can also adjust feedback pitch and tonal thickness. “Stab” controls feedback pitch.