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music: a subversive history

Music: A Subversive History

music: a submersive history

Historian Ted Gioia reclaims the story of music for the riffraff, insurgents, and provocateurs from the celebrated mainstream assimilators. Gioia tells a 4,000-year history of music as a global source of power, change, and upheaval. He shows how social outcasts have repeatedly become trailblazers of musical expression: slaves and their descendants, for instance, have repeatedly reinvented music, from ancient times all the way to the jazz, reggae, and hip-hop sounds of the current day.

Music: A Subversive History, by Ted Gioia, Basic Books, www.basicbooks.com.

Joe Pass 10 Choice Tunes

Hal Leonard’s Jazz Play Along: Joe Pass 10 Choice Tunes

Joe Pass 10 Choice TunesHal Leonard’s Jazz Play-Along series is the ultimate learning tool for jazz musicians. Joe Pass 10 Choice Tunes for Bb, Eb, C, and bass clef instruments includes lead sheets and play-along CD for improvisation study and performance. Included are: “Catch Me,” “C.E.D.,” “Chlo-e,” “Fleur d’Ennui,” “For Django,” “A Foxy Chick and a Cool Cat,” “Hang Tough,” “Just Friends,” “Lullaby of the Leaves,” and “Soon.” Each tune has a choice of CD backing tracks: split track with melody, removable bass and piano, or full stereo rhythm section.

Hal Leonard’s Jazz Play-Along: Joe Pass 10 Choice Tunes, arranged and produced by Mark Taylor and Jim Roberts, Hal Leonard Corporation, www.halleonard.com.

Rise Again Songbook

Rise Again Songbook

Rise Again SongbookAn essential resource for anyone who loves music and group singing, Rise Again is the second songbook from Local 1000 (Nongeographic) members Peter Blood and Anne Patterson. It provides lyrics and chords for 1,200 songs covering blues, country, jazz, Motown, folk, traditional ballads, gospel, and rounds. The tunes are organized by genre or subject matter, and listed in the handy title index, as well as at the end of each thematic chapter.

Rise Again Songbook, by Peter Blood and Annie Patterson, Hal Leonard Corporation, www.halleonard.com or www.riseupandsing.org.

The Real Book

The Real Book: Volume V, C Instruments

The Real BookThe Real Book is Hal Leonard’s alternative to poorly designed, inaccurate, badly edited fake books on the market today. The Real Book is extremely accurate, neat, and designed for practical use, and each of its more than 400 songs is fully licensed for use. Volume V highlights major jazz composers of the last 60 years, with special attention given to the 1960s and 1970s. Included arrangements represent work of the jazz giants of the last 40 years—Miles, Corea, Evans, Jobim, Mulligan, Siver, and Powell, as well as many newer artists.

The Real Book: Volume V, C Instruments, www.halleonard.com.

Trumpet Sound Effects

Trumpet Sound Effects: Circular Breathing, Split Tones, Extreme Embouchures, and Much More!

Trumpet Sound EffectsAny trumpet player, from student to advanced, can benefit from the techniques in this book that shows you how to add unique trumpet sounds to your palette of colors. Trumpet Sound Effects explores everything from half-valve and growl sounds to percussion sounds and mutes. It teaches dozens of inventive effects, with etudes that put them into musical contexts. The accompanying online recordings provide demonstrations of each sound effect and play-along tracks for the etudes.

Trumpet Sound Effects: Circular Breathing, Split Tones, Extreme Embouchures, and Much More! by Craig Pedersen and Ueli Dörig of Local 180 (Ottawa, ON), Berklee Press, Berklee Press (www.berkleepress.com).

jazz virtuostics

Jazz Virtuostics for Timpani: Etudes, Exercises, and Lead Sheets, Volume 1

jazz virtuosticsThough not considered an instrument common to jazz, timpani was employed in jazz by some of its big names, including Sonny Greer, Max Roach, Art Blakey, and Gene Krupa. Today jazz timpani is alive and well in this book, thanks to arranger Ian Finkel and timpanist Jonathan Haas of Local 802 (New York City). Together they present 56 exercises to prepare to play jazz and then nine lead sheets and etudes to practice what you’ve learned, referencing such classic tunes as Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm,” Duke Ellington’s “Satin Doll,” and “Take the A Train.”

Jazz Virtuostics for Timpani: Etudes, Exercises, and Lead Sheets Volume 1, by Jonathan Haas and Ian Finkel, Bachovich Music Publications, www.bachovich.com.