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Roland EC-10 EL Cajon

Roland EC-10 EL Cajon

Roland EC-10 EL CajonRoland EC-10 EL Cajon adds Roland’s famous electronic percussion technology to this traditional percussion instrument. The self-contained instrument is battery powered and includes its own onboard amplification extending its capabilities to cover a wide range of percussion sounds in one portable instrument. The sound module includes 30 kits with sounds specially developed to complement EL Cajon—tambourine, djembe, shaker, acoustic snare, electronic drums, sound effects, and more. Top-mounted sound controls give quick access while performing. Rear panel controls include volume and a trigger balance knob. A mix in jack allows music to be played from a smartphone or other device.


Dorado cajons

Remo’s Dorado cajons

Cali Cajon

Dorado cajonsRemo’s Dorado cajons are designed and handcrafted in California using birch wood and two sets of three high-quality compression springs. Traditional fixed faceplate construction seals the drum completely to enable bass tones to resonate naturally. Remo’s new design forces the coil springs against the back of the faceplate for optimum spring tension. There is no need to adjust wires and replacing a set of coil springs is quick and easy with the “Quick Wedge” design. Simply slide the set off the precisely angled ledges, and transform the Flamenco style Dorado cajon into a traditional Peruvian cajon with pure bass tones. Dorado is available in all natural or amber body with a natural face.