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The PRS Custom 24-08

The PRS Custom 24-08 combines the quintessential Custom 24 PRS with features from the PRS 408 models. It combines the 24’s maple top, mahogany back and neck, 24 frets, 25-inch scale length, PRS patented Gen III tremolo, and dual 85/15 humbuckers with a 408 switching system. The three-way blade switch and two mini-toggle coil split switches allow for eight distinct pickup combinations to provide a full array of humbucker tones and single-coil sounds, including a dual single-coil option.


Anniversary Amps

Peavey Anniversary Amps

Anniversary AmpsPeavey is celebrating its golden anniversary by offering two limited-edition commemorative amplifiers. The 50th anniversary 6505 Plus head is housed in a special gold chassis and features 120 watts; six 12AX7s; four 6L6s; footswitchable lead/rhythm channels; effects loop; three-band EQ; resonance and presence controls; and four, eight, or 16 ohms. The 50th anniversary 30 112 combo offers the same specifications as the revered classic tweed model, but in a striking black Tolex and gold chassis. Features include: genuine spring reverb with level control; pre- and post-gain controls on lead channel; external speaker capability; optional footswitches; 30 watts (rms)
into 16 or eight ohms; two-channel preamp; footswitchable channels, reverb, and boost; four EL84s, three 12AX7s; 12-inch Blue Marvel speaker; and effects loop. Models are being produced in limited Anniversary Ampsquantities and will only be available until the end of the year.


Black Diamond Ebonite BD5 Bb

Black Diamond Ebonite BD5 Bb

Economical Custom

CT-Vandoren-Black-Diamond-BD5-placeBernard Van Doren crafted the first BD5 by hand from Black Diamond Ebonite in the 1970s, but at the time, he lacked the technology to replicate it. Now armed with cutting-edge technology, Vandoren is able to precisely recreate the exceptional mouthpiece each and every time. Following six months of field testing with some of the world’s finest clarinetists, Vandoren has launched an affordable custom designed mouthpiece, the Black Diamond Ebonite BD5 Bb. Available in standard pitch and 13 Series, the BD5 has amazing clarity, depth, and presence, and an unmistakably Vandoren sound. With flawless intonation and performance, the BD5 is a rarity among mouthpieces.


Korg’s MS-20 Mini Synth

Korg’s MS-20 Mini Synth

Affordable Analog

Korg’s MS-20 Mini SynthKorg’s MS-20 mini synth is a recreation of the famous monophonic patchable Korg MS-20. Now priced at under $450 this analog rebirth answers the demands of MS-20 enthusiasts. “With this price change, we have made it easier for artists to add the coveted sounds and power of the MS-20 mini to their stage or studio. Beyond nostalgia, the mini is now priced so competitively that we expect it to become the instrument of choice for newcomers to the world of analog synths,” says James Sajeva, brand manager for Korg products.