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D’Angelico Guitars

D’Angelico Guitars – Bedford, Atlantic, and Ludlow

D’Angelico GuitarsD’Angelico Guitars has introduced a line of solid-body electrics. All three models—Bedford, Atlantic, and Ludlow—feature Seymour Duncan pickups. Bedford is a 1960s-look offset with stacked single-coil neck pickup and bridge humbucker for warmth. Its sound is full and bright. It comes in a black finish with maple neck and six-point tremolo bridge. Atlantic is a single-cutaway solid-body built for full, loud tones. A deep belly cut and thinner body keep it lightweight, and slim-C neck shape gives it playability. Ludlow (pictured) is a unique offset that provides effortless access to the highest frets with a slim c-shape neck. Its coil tapping push/pull tone knobs allow a range of sounds and remarkable sustain from the oversized body shape.