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The RCF EVOX J Series

RCF EVOX J SeriesThe RCF EVOX J Series comes in two models—J8 and JMIX8. J8 features a line source satellite module with eight two-inch, full-range drivers paired with a high-powered, 12-inch woofer in a bass reflex enclosure, powered by onboard 1400-watt Class D amplification. JMIX8 adds a powerful eight-input digital mixer with a dedicated app to allow smartphone management. Z.CORE DSP processing provides professional mix functions and a library of effects. Available in black or white, the EVOX series is designed for flexibility, easy transport, and storage. A three-piece pole allows the satellite to be positioned at different heights. It fits into the rear of the subwoofer for transportation. The unit has an optional protective travel bag with wheels.


Fender Mini ’65 Twin Amp

Fender Mini ’65 Twin Amp

Fender Mini ’65 Twin AmpThe battery-powered Fender Mini ’65 Twin Amp amplifier puts the famed Fender tone into a portable package that replicates the classic look of the full-size Twin amp. The powerful three-inch speakers are great for use on-the-go or practice in close quarters. Mini ’65 Twins feature dedicated gain, volume, and tone controls; tilt-back kickstand and belt clip; eighth-inch headphone jack, nine-volt adapter jack (center-negative DC power supply not included), and nine-volt battery.


Magnatone Amps

Magnatone Amps

Magnatone AmpsOne of the biggest comebacks in amp history, Magnatone has launched a new line of  amplifiers with hand-built heads and combos, many of which feature the pitch-shifting vibrato found in original Magnatone amps. Super Fifteen (pictured) amps offer big sound through 15-watt EL-84 power tubes known for their British chime and tone. Light weight and compact size make them portable and perfect for medium-sized club gigs. Super Fifteen features a full EQ section of tone controls and effects loop. All-new speaker emulation and headphone jack allow for silent practice.


Venue Series

Blackstar Amplification’s Venue Series MKII

Venue SeriesBlackstar Amplification’s Venue Series MKII all-valve amplifiers feature award-winning Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) control that allows guitarists to completely change the tone stack between traditional American voicings and traditional British voicings with a single knob. Other guitar-friendly features include power reduction, re-amping capability through a direct out with speaker cabinet emulation, and footswitch control over performance-critical functions.


Hafler’s P3100

Hafler’s P3100 Amplifier

Hafler’s P3100Hafler’s P3100 two-channel amplifier offers high quality at an affordable price for both studio recording and audiophile listening. It produces 150 watts per channel into eight ohms, 200 watts per channel into four ohms, and may be bridged mono to produce 400 watts. Due to extensive heat sinks on both sides, the P3100 does not need a noisy cooling fan. In addition, a thermal sensing network monitors the heat sink temperature and shuts down to protect the amplifier from excessive operating heat. Plus, a sensing circuit monitors output and shuts down operation if it detects a short on the output, eliminating the need for internal fuses. The front panel features individual trim controls and an elaborate LED display for precise monitoring. The rear panel sports a choice of balanced XLR and quarter-inch TRS inputs for professional use, along with gold-plated unbalanced RCAs for audiophiles.


Unity Audio Rock MKIIs

Unity Audio Rock MKIIs and Super Rocks

Unity Audio Rock MKIIs and Super Rocks are two active monitors for critical near field listening that are trusted by some of the world’s best artists. Musicians, producers, and engineers use Rocks as the new studio reference. Fifty percent of the world’s top 10 selling albums in 2015 used Unity Audio Monitors to craft their sound. Sealed enclosures provide tonal accuracy and balance with low coloration. Ribbon drivers have an unusually even HF characteristic that is smooth and clean, providing great accuracy and detailed imaging. With custom amps designed by Esoteric Audio Research these monitors translate well and will give you a reference monitor you can trust. Check the websites for more details.


Boss Katana guitar amplifiers

The Boss Katana Guitar Amplifiers

Boss Katana guitar amplifiersThe Boss Katana guitar amplifiers offer refined rock tones plus built-in Boss effects, perfect for gigs, recording, and practice. Named for the Japanese samurai sword, the amps deliver smooth, cutting rock tones. The lineup includes: the 50-watt Katana-50 and 100-watt Katana-100, each equipped with a custom 12-inch speaker; and 100-watt Katana-100/212 with two 12-inch speakers. The 100-watt Katana Head is designed for use with an external speaker cabinet, but includes a convenient integrated monitor speaker for tone preview and practice. Each amp has five selectable characters: clean, crunch, lead, brown, and acoustic.


Bose F1 Model 812 Passive Flexible Array

Bose F1 Model 812 Passive Flexible Array

The Bose F1 Model 812 Passive Flexible Array loudspeakers can be configured into four unique shapes to let installers focus sound into target listening areas, offering exceptional power and clarity for any small to medium size venue. The loudspeakers are engineered with an array of eight Bose 2.25-inch drivers, 100-degree horizontal waveguides, a high-power 12-inch woofer, and a lower crossover point. Each speaker is housed in a rugged enclosure with six M8 threaded insert points, combined with a full suite of optional mounting accessories.


Anniversary Amps

Peavey Anniversary Amps

Anniversary AmpsPeavey is celebrating its golden anniversary by offering two limited-edition commemorative amplifiers. The 50th anniversary 6505 Plus head is housed in a special gold chassis and features 120 watts; six 12AX7s; four 6L6s; footswitchable lead/rhythm channels; effects loop; three-band EQ; resonance and presence controls; and four, eight, or 16 ohms. The 50th anniversary 30 112 combo offers the same specifications as the revered classic tweed model, but in a striking black Tolex and gold chassis. Features include: genuine spring reverb with level control; pre- and post-gain controls on lead channel; external speaker capability; optional footswitches; 30 watts (rms)
into 16 or eight ohms; two-channel preamp; footswitchable channels, reverb, and boost; four EL84s, three 12AX7s; 12-inch Blue Marvel speaker; and effects loop. Models are being produced in limited Anniversary Ampsquantities and will only be available until the end of the year.


Platinum Stage and Platinum Pro EQ

Platinum Stage and Platinum Pro EQ Acoustic preamps

fishman-platinumFishman’s Platinum Stage and Platinum Pro EQ acoustic preamps provide accurate sonic detail in a clean and sturdy design. Their precision, high-speed circuitry offers high fidelity and low distortion. They feature adjustable volume boost and balanced XLR D.I. outputs. Platinum Pro EQ has durable foot switches, and includes simple and effective analog soft-knee compressor, effect loop, and precision sweepable notch filter. With its included belt clip, the Platinum Stage (pictured) is perfect for mobile instrumentalists like mandolin or fiddle players. It can also be powered by 48V phantom power, offering complete control over your sound without relying on batteries.