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Hafler’s P3100

Hafler’s P3100 Amplifier

Hafler’s P3100Hafler’s P3100 two-channel amplifier offers high quality at an affordable price for both studio recording and audiophile listening. It produces 150 watts per channel into eight ohms, 200 watts per channel into four ohms, and may be bridged mono to produce 400 watts. Due to extensive heat sinks on both sides, the P3100 does not need a noisy cooling fan. In addition, a thermal sensing network monitors the heat sink temperature and shuts down to protect the amplifier from excessive operating heat. Plus, a sensing circuit monitors output and shuts down operation if it detects a short on the output, eliminating the need for internal fuses. The front panel features individual trim controls and an elaborate LED display for precise monitoring. The rear panel sports a choice of balanced XLR and quarter-inch TRS inputs for professional use, along with gold-plated unbalanced RCAs for audiophiles.