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The RCF EVOX J Series

RCF EVOX J SeriesThe RCF EVOX J Series comes in two models—J8 and JMIX8. J8 features a line source satellite module with eight two-inch, full-range drivers paired with a high-powered, 12-inch woofer in a bass reflex enclosure, powered by onboard 1400-watt Class D amplification. JMIX8 adds a powerful eight-input digital mixer with a dedicated app to allow smartphone management. Z.CORE DSP processing provides professional mix functions and a library of effects. Available in black or white, the EVOX series is designed for flexibility, easy transport, and storage. A three-piece pole allows the satellite to be positioned at different heights. It fits into the rear of the subwoofer for transportation. The unit has an optional protective travel bag with wheels.


Fender Mini ’65 Twin Amp

Fender Mini ’65 Twin Amp

Fender Mini ’65 Twin AmpThe battery-powered Fender Mini ’65 Twin Amp amplifier puts the famed Fender tone into a portable package that replicates the classic look of the full-size Twin amp. The powerful three-inch speakers are great for use on-the-go or practice in close quarters. Mini ’65 Twins feature dedicated gain, volume, and tone controls; tilt-back kickstand and belt clip; eighth-inch headphone jack, nine-volt adapter jack (center-negative DC power supply not included), and nine-volt battery.




Sweet SessionCake

SessionCake Yamaha’s SessionCake compact amplifier and headphone mixer combo is a perfect solution for musicians on the go who need to rehearse but also keep things quiet. Up to eight musicians can collaborate over a shared personal audio connection, hearing each other’s instruments or vocals through their individual headphones. It comes in two versions: the red SC-01, with a mono input, is tailored for guitar and bass and the blue SC-02 with stereo/mic input is suitable for synthesizers, electronic drums, and microphones. Two AA batteries power SessionCake for up to 10 hours of continuous use. Each device has a 1/8-inch headphone jack and auxiliary inputs for recording with a mobile device or MP3 player or to add effects.


Hafler HA75-DAC

The Hafler HA75-DAC

Adaptable Headphone Amp

The Hafler HA75-DAC tube-based headphone amplifier and USB digital-to-analog converter can be tailored to suit both your listening style and your headphones. Focus control lets you simulate the experience of listening to speakers. A bypassable three-position voicing switch allows you to adapt the balance of your headphones and source materials or choose neutral response. The load selector switch allows you to customize the output impedance to match any headphones. HA75-DAC’s sturdy chassis is built of 14-gauge steel to block stray magnetic interference. Gold-plated RCA outputs allow you to use it to feed another input device, or connect between a preamp and power amplifier to impart the character of its 12AX7 tube.


The PA6BT Hot Spot PA

The PA6BT Hot Spot PA

The PA6BT Hot Spot PAThe PA6BT Hot Spot PA/personal monitor from Galaxy Audio includes Bluetooth technology and a dedicated volume control. It features a 155-watt NEOLITE 6.5-inch woofer and 1.5-inch 60-watt titanium dome tweeter plus 70-watt built-in amplifier, two XLR quarter-inch inputs with XLR pass through, built-in compressor, line input, line output, and three band EQ. The modern design includes both built-in mic stand mount and stand/wall bracket mounting points with mic boom attachment and handle.


K Cardioid Subwoofer

The K Cardioid Subwoofer

K Cardioid SubwooferThe K Cardioid Subwoofer is a single-box powered subwoofer that offers ease of portability for entertainment and installation applications. Unparalleled in its ability to manage low frequencies, the K Cardioid Subwoofer is powered by a 1,000-watt class D amplifier processed with the latest DSP technology and featuring dual 12-inch long excursion drivers, each arranged in a 6th order bandpass chamber and producing 15 dB more output at the front of the cabinet than the rear. The cabinet has comfortable aluminum handles and four rear-mounted casters. The two M20 sockets can accept a 35 mm speaker pole in either vertical or horizontal deployment.


Hafler’s P3100

Hafler’s P3100 Amplifier

Hafler’s P3100Hafler’s P3100 two-channel amplifier offers high quality at an affordable price for both studio recording and audiophile listening. It produces 150 watts per channel into eight ohms, 200 watts per channel into four ohms, and may be bridged mono to produce 400 watts. Due to extensive heat sinks on both sides, the P3100 does not need a noisy cooling fan. In addition, a thermal sensing network monitors the heat sink temperature and shuts down to protect the amplifier from excessive operating heat. Plus, a sensing circuit monitors output and shuts down operation if it detects a short on the output, eliminating the need for internal fuses. The front panel features individual trim controls and an elaborate LED display for precise monitoring. The rear panel sports a choice of balanced XLR and quarter-inch TRS inputs for professional use, along with gold-plated unbalanced RCAs for audiophiles.


Boss Katana guitar amplifiers

The Boss Katana Guitar Amplifiers

Boss Katana guitar amplifiersThe Boss Katana guitar amplifiers offer refined rock tones plus built-in Boss effects, perfect for gigs, recording, and practice. Named for the Japanese samurai sword, the amps deliver smooth, cutting rock tones. The lineup includes: the 50-watt Katana-50 and 100-watt Katana-100, each equipped with a custom 12-inch speaker; and 100-watt Katana-100/212 with two 12-inch speakers. The 100-watt Katana Head is designed for use with an external speaker cabinet, but includes a convenient integrated monitor speaker for tone preview and practice. Each amp has five selectable characters: clean, crunch, lead, brown, and acoustic.


BassBoss VS21 Rum Punch

The BassBoss VS21 Rum Punch

BassBoss VS21 Rum PunchThe BassBoss VS21 Rum Punch subwoofer yields a revolutionary balance of impactful and full-bodied low end. Efficiently combining hit and heft, VS21 is perfectly suited for professionals and venues that demand no-compromise low end for a variety of genres. Rum Punch features a low-frequency extension of BassBoss’s vented dual 18-inch subwoofers—the hard-hitting punch of loaded subwoofers, plus a built-in 2400 RMS amplifier that includes all the necessary processing for seamless plug-and-play operation. Its 36 X 24 X 36-inch case integrates easily into existing speaker cubbyholes.



Sterling Audio’s Four-Channel S104HA

Sterling Audio’s new line of professional headphone amplifiers feature gold-plated inputs and outputs for superior conductivity, power-on status LEDs, and low-noise operation. The four-channel S104HA is designed for personal recording studios or other uses where space is at a premium. Housed in aluminum chassis with nonslip rubber feet, it offers one rear-panel stereo, TRS line input, plus four front-panel stereo headphone outputs, each with a 10-increment level slider. The four-channel S204HA features more flexible inputs and robust chassis. Its front panel offers four stereo headphone outputs and balanced TRS left and right line inputs on the rear panel. For demanding professional applications, the S418HA (pictured) features two stereo main line inputs, eight direct line-level inputs for individual monitor mixes, and eight discrete, stereo headphone amplifiers, each with two headphone outputs in a steel, 1U rack chassis. An elegant faceplate with backlighting enables easy operation in low-light situations.