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Allen & Heath SQ Series digital mixers

Allen & Heath SQ Series Digital Mixers

Allen & Heath SQ Series digital mixersAllen & Heath SQ Series digital mixers, available in two models, bring high-resolution audio performance to a customizable, compact, cost-effective, easy-to-use, multi-application platform. Rack-mountable SQ-5 has 16 onboard preamps, 17 faders, and eight softkeys, while SQ-6 provides 24 preamps, 25 faders, four assignable rotary controls, and 16 softkeys. Both feature 56 input channels via remote expanders and a networking slot for optional Dante, Waves, and other cards.


Gary Karr

Gary Karr: Life on the G String

Gary KarrGary Karr’s career as a double bass soloist was launched in 1962 by Leonard Bernstein, in a Young People’s Concert at Carnegie Hall, which was viewed on television by 7 million people. Gary Karr gained legendary status for his virtuosity and inimitable lyricism, infectious sense of humour, and pioneering spirit. In 1967, he founded the International Society of Bassists. The Local 247 (Victoria, BC) member continues to perform and record at age 75. Emotional, surprising, and entertaining, his story appeals to fans, musicians, music-lovers, and biography enthusiasts.

Gary Karr: Life on the G String, by Mary Rannie, Friesenpress,

Springs for Percussion Quartet

Springs for Percussion Quartet

Springs for Percussion QuartetSprings for Percussion is a fascinating piece that demonstrates the ability of percussion to work up kinetic energy through pattern repetition and then “spring” into action. Each of four percussionists uses two drums and a set of three chosen percussive “instruments”—woods for one, metals for another, glass for the third, and plates or flowerpots for the fourth. The instruments should create “relatively harmonious cacophony.” Repeated rhythmic passages grow in intensity before springing into new patterns, and this is repeated throughout.

Springs for Percussion, by Paul Lansky, Carl Fischer Chamber Music,

don giovanni

Don Giovanni Overture: Clarinet Octet

don giovanniThis arrangement of Mozart’s Don Giovanni Overture for Clarinet Octet includes parts for clarinet in Eb, clarinet in Bb (alternate to clarinet in Eb), four clarinets in Bb, clarinet in Bb (alternative alto clarinet in Eb), two alto clarinets in Eb, and two bass clarinets in Bb. All parts are written to challenge and interest students in grades six through eight.

Don Giovanni Overture: Clarinet Octet, arranged by Melanie Thorne,
Sempre Music, www.sempremusic.co.uk.

Morley Mini Trapezoids

Morley’s latest mini pedals incorporate the company’s classic trapezoid footprint. Suitable for guitar, bass, keys, and other instruments, the electro-optical pedals are housed in steel chassis, equipped with LED indication and quick clip battery door. They feature Pedal Glow treadle grip. The Mini Volume Plus (with foot selectable Minimum Volume), Mini Power Wah Volume (combo volume with wah level control), and Mini Maverick Switchless Wah (optically switched wah) are 6.75-inch long, 4.5-inch wide, by 2.75-inch high.


Hooke Audio’s Verse Headphones

Hooke Audio’s Verse Headphones

Hooke Audio’s Verse HeadphonesHooke Audio’s Verse headphones are unique in that they can also record in 3D audio. Incorporated specially designed binaural 3D microphones capture sound exactly as the human ear hears it, localizing sounds in 360 degrees. Hooke Audio’s apps allow users to pair the Verse with a smartphone camera, record videos (or just audio), and upload the results directly to social networks, delivering binaural 3D audio to any stereo headset or speaker configuration.


Ned Steinberger Cradle Capo

Ned Steinberger Cradle Capo

Ned Steinberger Cradle CapoThis innovative stainless steel Ned Steinberger Cradle Capo from D’Addario allows quick and easy positioning. Its self-centering design automatically centers behind the neck of the instrument, assuring even horizontal string pull for perfect tuning and intonation. An adjustable micrometer lets you dial in the perfect amount of pressure. It allows quick transitions and conveniently stores behind the nut when not in use.


Magnatone Amps

Magnatone Amps

Magnatone AmpsOne of the biggest comebacks in amp history, Magnatone has launched a new line of  amplifiers with hand-built heads and combos, many of which feature the pitch-shifting vibrato found in original Magnatone amps. Super Fifteen (pictured) amps offer big sound through 15-watt EL-84 power tubes known for their British chime and tone. Light weight and compact size make them portable and perfect for medium-sized club gigs. Super Fifteen features a full EQ section of tone controls and effects loop. All-new speaker emulation and headphone jack allow for silent practice.


Kurzweil SP6

Portable Kurzweil SP6

Kurzweil SP6Combining FlashPlay technology, 128-voice polyphony, powerful DSP, and an intuitive user interface, the portable Kurzweil SP6 is ideal for stage and studio. Its 88 fully-weighted keys provide the feel of an acoustic grand. Aside from high-definition piano sounds, KB3 ToneReal organs emulate Hammond, Vox, and Farfisa models. The SP6 features 256 factory programs in 10 instrument categories, with space for 1,024 user programs. Users can easily create split and layered configurations with up to four zones in Multi Mode. It comes with USB and MIDI connections, a headphone output, and stereo audio outputs with 32-bit DACs. SP6 packs high-end features into an affordable price ($1,295 MAP).


TRBX604FM and Five-String TRBX605FM Basses

TRBX604FM and Five-String TRBX605FM Basses

TRBX604FM and Five-String TRBX605FM BassesYamaha four-string TRBX604FM and five-string TRBX605FM basses bring the elegance of intricately finished flame tops and matching headstock veneers to TRBX series’ comfort-contoured mahogany body, bolt-on five-piece maple/mahogany necks, and premium electronics. Able to deliver the right tone for every music style, custom Yamaha H series pickups use four Alnico V pole pieces per string for wide frequency response and noise-free operation. The TRBX604(5) onboard electronics allow players to take full advantage of the pickup’s range with easy-to-use balance control and three-band active/passive EQ. Retail prices range from $970 to $1,070.