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Audix Performance Series

The Audix Performance Series

Audix Performance SeriesThe Audix Performance Series professional wireless system lets musicians go from setup to performance in three easy steps: scan, sync, and play. Pressing a hot key on the receiver, it scans for open frequencies for five to 20 seconds and selects an available frequency. Then, the user holds the transmitter to the sync light for a couple seconds to lock to the receiver. It is available in either the 40 Series, a diversity system with 32 MHz of spectrum, or the 60 Series, a dual channel system with diversity receivers and 64MHz of extended spectrum.


Acoustic Amps

Fender-Acoustic-AmpFender’s Acoustic Pro and Acoustic SFX amps offer unique capabilities for acoustic players in venues large and small. Aesthetically pleasing, the bent plywood construction combines high-grade materials and modern curvature. Built for larger venues, Acoustic Pro is a 200-watt amp that has two universal channels designed for guitars or microphones, each with its own quarter-inch XLR combo jack and hall reverb. It features an integrated handle, tilt-back stand, 12-inch neodymium woofer, high performance tweeter with crossover network, feedback-reducing phase switches, balanced line output, effects loop, and aux-in jack. Acoustic SFX is a great grab-and-go rig for small venues. It offers lightweight design, as well as onboard hall reverb, echo, delay, chorus, and Vibratone effects. One handy perk is an integrated handle that doubles as a convenient cradle for mobile playback devices that can be connected via the aux-in jack. Other features include feedback-reducing phase switches, line output, tow universal channels, and a footswitch jack for an optional two-button effect bypass footswitch.


The Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD Guitar Power Amp

The Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD Guitar Power Amp

The Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD guitar power amp provides 55 watts of power per channel into a four-ohm load, or 40 watts per channel into an eight-ohm load. Velocity 100 LTD was designed for flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. It complements any guitar. Resonance control provides extra performance at the low end, while presence control opens up the treble and higher end, offering more “voice” when soloing. A power switch and two volume control knobs on the front panel make operation simple.


The Vox Mini5 Rhythm

vox mini amp and speakerThe Vox Mini5 Rhythm is a portable, lightweight, five-watt modeling amp with 99 built-in rhythm patterns. It has eight types of effects and 11 guitar emulations—boutique clean, tweed, California metal, US high-gain, AC30 (of course), and more. This combo amp is powered either by the included AC adapter or six AA-size alkaline batteries (for up to 19 hours playing time). It is available in black or ivory.


Bass TightDrive

Amptweaker’s Bass TightDrive

Amptweaker-pedalTight Bass

What do Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and King’s X bassist/vocalist Dug Pinnick have in common? They both rely on Amptweaker’s Bass TightDrive for its crushing distortion and massive low-end. The Bass TightDrive will dirty up your tone without sacrificing bottom-end. The MOD version with the extra Dry Low knob fleshes out low-end frequencies that are noticeably absent when the pedal is switched off. Think Dogman-era Dug Pinnick on steroids in terms of tone. It’s simply huge. If you’re looking to add some bite to your bass tone, look to Amptweaker’s Bass TightDrive.