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Musicmaide Stand Clips and Portfolio

Now that it’s the outdoor performance season, musicians are challenged with finding a way to clip their music to their stands on breezy days. Musicmaide Stand Clips and Portfolio are simple, hassle-free solutions to this problem. They firmly secure sheet music and books against the wind, while allowing for fast song transitions and easy page turns. You can see the clips in action on a demonstration video at www.musicmaide.com. All Musicmaide products are made in the US.


ER20XS High-Fidelity Earplugs

ER20XS High-Fidelity Earplugs

ER20XS High-Fidelity EarplugsAccording to the experts at Etymotic Research, the company’s ER20XS high-fidelity earplugs allow people to hear loud music better. At high levels, the human ear overloads and distorts, “smearing” the details of the music. “Industrial” earplugs alter the fidelity of the music by reducing high-pitch sounds more than low-pitch sounds. ER20XS earplugs have a balanced response and reduce the sound to an optimal range that allows the ear to process sound without distortion and the listener then hears the music more clearly.


In-Ear Monitors

Mackie’s MP Series High-Performance In-Ear Monitors

In-Ear MonitorsMackie’s MP Series high-performance in-ear monitors are meticulously tuned to offer exceptional clarity, bass, and headroom surpassing more expensive models. They feature comfortable ergonomically molded enclosures with three different ear tips. The detachable, audiophile-grade cables are shielded and internally braided and equipped with MMCX connectors for easy, flexible wearing. The MP Series is available in three models: single dynamic driver MP-120, dual dynamic driver MP-220, and dual hybrid driver MP-240.


Espresso Portable Power Supply

Espresso Portable Power Supply

Espresso Portable Power Supply is designed to power any mic requiring 30-48V phantom power at a current draw of up to 5 mA. It has one XLR female input and one quarter-inch TRS female output and can be configured for either mic level balanced signal or line level unbalanced signal. When joined with a smartphone adapter cable it can send the mic signal straight into an Android, iPhone, or other smartphone. By moving an internal jumper, Espresso can be configured to output an unbalanced line-level signal and run a contact or condenser mic signal straight into an instrument amp without the need for a preamp or DI box. It is available as a kit or Espresso Portable Power Supplyready-to-use model.


Bass Clone

Bass Clone is a chorus pedal with features especially designed for bass. A combination of modulated and dry signals, its crossover switch cuts low end from the modulated signal so the pedal delivers a more accurately articulated bottom end with excellent tone definition. Bass Clone’s treble control affects the whole signal, while the bass control only affects the dry half. Together with the crossover switch, they provide precise sound shaping for a tight, focused bass guitar sound with well-defined low end and shimmering chorus on top. The Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone features compact design and true bypass switching. It can run on a ct-ehx-bassclone_right9V battery or adapter.


Dean Zelinsky Johnny Winter Signature Guitar

The Dean Zelinsky Johnny Winter Signature Guitar

The Dean Zelinsky Johnny Winter Signature Guitar is the instrument Winter had been playing and touring with in the three years prior to his death. This collector’s guitar features custom-engraved flame maple top; ultra-thin mahogany body; a 25 ½-inch scale, a 24-fret maple neck; brushed satin nickel hardware; locking tuners; and custom humbuckers that provide the hot and bright Johnny Winter signature tone. The guitars come with a Tweed Tolex hard case.