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Bass Clone

Bass Clone is a chorus pedal with features especially designed for bass. A combination of modulated and dry signals, its crossover switch cuts low end from the modulated signal so the pedal delivers a more accurately articulated bottom end with excellent tone definition. Bass Clone’s treble control affects the whole signal, while the bass control only affects the dry half. Together with the crossover switch, they provide precise sound shaping for a tight, focused bass guitar sound with well-defined low end and shimmering chorus on top. The Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone features compact design and true bypass switching. It can run on a ct-ehx-bassclone_right9V battery or adapter.


bad stone effects pedals

Bad Stones Effects Pedals

bad stone effects pedalsAs prices for 1970s vintage Bad Stones effects pedals soar, Electro-Harmonix has reissued the popular pedal. Faithful to the original circuit design and three-knob control layout, Bad Stone is now a nano-sized pedal. It is the first phase shifter to employ variable feedback and feature six stages of phase shifting plus a manual mode to freeze the phase. Other modern amenities added include true bypass, an LED status indicator, and an AC jack that accepts a standard EHX9.6DC power supply though the pedal comes with a nine-volt battery.