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Audix MicroBoom carbon fiber microphone

After requests from churches and musical groups, the Audix MicroBoom carbon fiber microphone boom system is now available in white. The top-selling modular solution is extremely lightweight and low profile, easy to place, immune to RF interference from wireless devices, and requires no additional phantom power adapter. Available in 50-inch and 84-inch boom lengths, Microboom is compatible with any standard mike stand and with the Micros miniature condenser microphone series—M1250B, M1255B, and M1280 (available with cardioid, hypercardioid, omni, or supercardioid capsules).


Audix Performance Series

The Audix Performance Series

Audix Performance SeriesThe Audix Performance Series professional wireless system lets musicians go from setup to performance in three easy steps: scan, sync, and play. Pressing a hot key on the receiver, it scans for open frequencies for five to 20 seconds and selects an available frequency. Then, the user holds the transmitter to the sync light for a couple seconds to lock to the receiver. It is available in either the 40 Series, a diversity system with 32 MHz of spectrum, or the 60 Series, a dual channel system with diversity receivers and 64MHz of extended spectrum.