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ProSoCoustic Wave Pro

Take Control of Your Room

The new ProSoCoustic Wave Pro Series—announced at the 2021 NAMM Show—offers a blend of absorption and diffusion in one product. The diffusor pattern inside each panel allows greater absorption efficiency in the same amount of space. Wave Pro panels include machine screw inserts for easy installation, are mold and moisture resistant, fire resistant, certified for worldwide transport, and meet LEEDs requirements for environmental safety.



K361 and K371 Headphones


Studio Headphones

The new K361 and K371 headphones from Harman Professional Solutions combine studio-quality sound with a compact design that enable artists to produce professional content in the studio or on the road. An extra durable, oval earcup better conforms to the geometry of a musician’s head to provide comfort and less low-frequency leakage. Both models are equipped with 50 mm drivers and oxygen-free copper voice coils for enhanced clarity, detail, and acoustic precision.



Samson MediaOne M50 Powered Studio Monitors

Samson MediaOne M50 Powered Studio Monitors feature internal amplifier and solid wood construction. The 5.25-inch polypropylene woofer and .75-inch silk-dome tweeter housed in a custom waveguide provide balanced frequency response and stunning full-range audio. A bass boost switch allows users to enhance the lows. The internal 80-watt (40-watts per channel), studio-grade A/B amplifier produces robust, detailed sound. It connects to mixers, audio interface, computer, mobile devices, or powered subwoofer through stereo RCA and 1/8-inch inputs. A front panel headphone jack allows private listening sessions.


IsoAcoustic ISO Series

IsoAcoustic’s ISO Series acoustic isolation stands—ISO-130 (for small to medium-sized speakers/monitors), ISO-155 (medium to large), ISO-200 (large up to 60 pounds), and ISO-200SUB (subwoofers up to 75 pounds)—are designed for professional audio speakers and subwoofers. They feature contemporary design, lower profile, and all new isolators. They provide 14 variations in height and tilt to easily optimize speaker placement and performance.


Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin: All the Albums, All the Songs

Author Martin Popoff examines the music of Led Zeppelin as a complex amalgam of blues, rock, folk, and country. He details each of the group’s 81 studio tracks—how and why they were created and the historical context, as well as the recording process. Sidebars detail personnel and instrumentation for each album. The book contains many rare performance and offstage photographs, along with memorabilia.

Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin: All the Albums, All the Songs, by Martin Popoff,
Voyageur Press, www.quartoknows.com.

IK Multimedia’s ARC System 2.5

IK Multimedia’s ARC System 2.5

IK Multimedia’s ARC System 2.5IK Multimedia’s Advanced Room Correction (ARC) System 2.5 with MEMS measurement microphone uses measurement software, together with an audio correction plug-in and Audyssey MultEQ XT32 technology, to improve the audio monitoring accuracy of speakers in any studio or room. By measuring the room in multiple positions it produces an accurate representation of acoustic response, then generates a correction filter. The ARC System 2.5 allows sound engineers and composers to create a true representation of their music regardless of the acoustic characteristics of a room.


BAE Passive Injection Box

BAE Passive Injection Box

BAE Passive Injection Box BAE Audio’s PDI passive injection box utilizes a new transformer designed to lend any signal passed through it a pleasing warm analog richness and mix-ready sound for guitar, bass, keyboards, or just about any instrument. Priced economically at around $120, it features Neutrick connectors, including quarter-inch input and low-impedance XLR output on one side, with duo audio through outputs on the reverse side. A ground lift switch helps tame any ground loop issues. Hand-assembled in California with timeless circuit design, gold-plated PCB, 100% through-hole components, and rugged steel chassis, it holds up well to daily use in studio or on stage.