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bad stone effects pedals

Bad Stones Effects Pedals

bad stone effects pedalsAs prices for 1970s vintage Bad Stones effects pedals soar, Electro-Harmonix has reissued the popular pedal. Faithful to the original circuit design and three-knob control layout, Bad Stone is now a nano-sized pedal. It is the first phase shifter to employ variable feedback and feature six stages of phase shifting plus a manual mode to freeze the phase. Other modern amenities added include true bypass, an LED status indicator, and an AC jack that accepts a standard EHX9.6DC power supply though the pedal comes with a nine-volt battery.


Sledgehammer and Sledgehammer Pro tuners

Sledgehammer and Sledgehammer Pro tuners

Clever Clip-On

Sledgehammer and Sledgehammer Pro tuners Korg’s Sledgehammer and Sledgehammer Pro tuners feature easy-to-view liquid crystal displays and securely clip to your guitar or bass. The tuners have modes for guitar, bass, flat, and capo and a calibration function lets you adjust to all concert pitches. A built-in memory function offers convenient back-up. The Pro model is precise up to +/-0.1 cent, plus its high contrast 3D display can be viewed three ways: regular, strobe, or half-strobe.


Platinum Stage and Platinum Pro EQ

Platinum Stage and Platinum Pro EQ Acoustic preamps

fishman-platinumFishman’s Platinum Stage and Platinum Pro EQ acoustic preamps provide accurate sonic detail in a clean and sturdy design. Their precision, high-speed circuitry offers high fidelity and low distortion. They feature adjustable volume boost and balanced XLR D.I. outputs. Platinum Pro EQ has durable foot switches, and includes simple and effective analog soft-knee compressor, effect loop, and precision sweepable notch filter. With its included belt clip, the Platinum Stage (pictured) is perfect for mobile instrumentalists like mandolin or fiddle players. It can also be powered by 48V phantom power, offering complete control over your sound without relying on batteries.


Carino-10 and Carino-12 Amps

Carino-10 and Carino-12 Amps

benedetto-carino“I think of our amps as an appendage of the guitar. No unnecessary frills or gimmicks, just straight ahead, honest perfection,” says luthier Robert Benedetto on the launch of the Benedetto Carino Series combo amps. Both Carino-10 and Carino-12 are voiced for jazz guitar and feature 120 watts at eight ohms of analog solid state power; two independent channels with volume, bass, treble, and mid; Eminence ASD1001 on/off tweeter; and Eminence-Beta speaker.



PitchFork Guitar or Bass Pedal

pitchforkNady’s PitchFork guitar or bass pedal tuner puts accurate, true bypass tuning technology (+/- one cent) in a rugged stomp box. Its easy-to-read LED has a choice of three convenient display modes—meter, full strobe, and half strobe. It also features easy-to-use calibration in 1Khz steps (436Hz to 445Hz) and optional standard tuning or a choice of seven flat settings.