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sam folio

My Final Column

This will be my final International Musician column as leave office August 1. I wanted to thank the many people who have supported me over my six-year tenure as secretary-treasurer of the AFM.

From my very first day in office, Executive Secretary and Union Privilege Liaison Nadine Sylvester kept me on the straight and narrow and never forgot anything. She was always good to put things on my iPad and my Kindle large enough so that I could read them. Nadine, I love you and your family, thank you!

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Modern Union Busters Work from the Inside—and You Won’t Like Where They’ll Take You

Since the dawn of unions, there have been union busters. It’s an eternal dynamic between capital and labor. Generations ago, the Pinkertons lurked near factory gates with their bats. In the Chicago Haymarket riots, police and workers perished from a bomb blast during a demonstration in support of an eight-hour workday. In the Harlan County, Kentucky, coal-mining wars of the 1930s, state, and federal troops fought the union.

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