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Classic Fit Drumheads

REMO’s Classic Fit Drumheads

Classic Fit DrumheadsREMO’s Classic Fit Drumheads are designed for oversized drums built prior to the mid-1960s. They provide classic sound and ease of head replacement for classic kits. Though they have a slightly narrower flesh hoop and step design, the heads maintain a standard outside diameter that does not interfere with the counter hoop. Classic Fit heads are now available with REMO’s Ambassador Coated, Clear, or Fiberskyn film in sizes 12, 14, 16, and 18 inches. They also come in Snare Side Ambassador Hazy 13-inch and 14-inch. Bass drum sizes are in the works.


Cajon Bru-llet

Cajon Bru-llet

Cajon Bru-lletTraditionally played with the hands, Vic Firth adds versatility to the cajon with these two innovative sticks. Cajon Bru-llet with medium-stiff plastic bristles and 1.5-inch mallet head made from XLPE foam, marries elements of a brush and a mallet to brilliantly translate both slap and bass tones. The spherical foam rubber head of the VKB4 stick produces a warm, full bass tone on cajon with just the right amount of attack.


Roland EC-10 EL Cajon

Roland EC-10 EL Cajon

Roland EC-10 EL CajonRoland EC-10 EL Cajon adds Roland’s famous electronic percussion technology to this traditional percussion instrument. The self-contained instrument is battery powered and includes its own onboard amplification extending its capabilities to cover a wide range of percussion sounds in one portable instrument. The sound module includes 30 kits with sounds specially developed to complement EL Cajon—tambourine, djembe, shaker, acoustic snare, electronic drums, sound effects, and more. Top-mounted sound controls give quick access while performing. Rear panel controls include volume and a trigger balance knob. A mix in jack allows music to be played from a smartphone or other device.


Drum Workshop’s Exotic Monogram Tailor-Made Snare Drum

Exotic Monogram Tailor-Made Snare DrumDrum Workshop’s Exotic Monogram tailor-made snare drums let you create a one-of-a-kind drum. These playable, high-end drums are personalized with hand-inlayed, laser-cut exotic wood veneers that contain two initials of your choice. They make the ultimate gift, a family heirloom to be passed down for generations. The drum is offered in two exotic African Bubinga and Birdseye maple styles or high gloss lacquer or satin finish. There are five hardware colors to choose from and five popular drum sizes. These drums include all the standard Collector’s Series high-end features.