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Study Finds Jazz Musicians Have Unique Response to Unexpected Events

Wesleyan University Scientists used electroencephalography to examine the differences in the brain activity of classical and jazz musicians during unexpected chord progressions. The study, published in the journal, Brain and Cognition, included 12 jazz musicians (with improvisation training), 12 classical musicians (without improvisation training), and 12 non-musicians, observing them while they listened to a series of chord progressions. Some progressions were typical of western music and others were unexpected progressions. Jazz musicians had a different response to the unexpected progressions that demonstrated increased perceptual sensitivity to unexpected stimuli along with an increased engagement with unexpected events.

Ludwig Milde

Ludwig Milde: 25 Studies in Scales and Chords for Bassoon Op. 24

Ludwig MildeA staple of the bassoon’s pedagogical literature, Ludwig Milde’s 25 Studies, Op. 24 was previously available only in uncorrected editions lacking content beyond the etudes themselves. This book provides corrected engraving, plus extensive coaching and insights into each study with tips on facility from bassoonists Benjamin Kamins of Locals 65-699 (Houston, TX) and 99 (Portland, OR), professor of Bassoon at Rice University, and William Short of Local 802 (New York City), Metropolitan Opera Orchestra principal bassoon.

Ludwig Milde: 25 Studies in Scales and Chords for Bassoon Op. 24,
edited and annotated by Benjamin Kamins and William Short,
Theodore Presser Company, www.presser.com.