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Ray Reed Jazz Originals

Ray Reed Jazz Originals: 45 Great Compositions by The Jazz Master

Ray Reed Jazz OriginalsRay Reed was a first call, woodwind multi-instrumentalist who performed on hundreds of jazz recordings over a 40-plus year career, including with Stan Kenton, Johnny Mandel, Bill Holman, and Frank Zappa orchestras. He also worked with Med Flory’s Grammy-winning Super Sax. Over his career Reed composed more than 100 jazz tunes. This book includes 43 of his better known compositions, as well as a comprehensive biography of Reed. It is available with or without a CD with printable pdf lead sheets in concert, Bb, and Eb keys.

Ray Reed Jazz Originals: 45 Great Compositions by the Jazz Master,
by Bob Irvine, Infinity Publishing, www.buybooksontheweb.com.

CD Baby

CD Baby

CD Baby gives you more ways to reach fans and make money from your music than any other distributor. For a one-time setup fee of just $49 per album, or $9.95 per single, you get: your music on all the most popular streaming and download services (like Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more); CDs and vinyl available to more than 15,000 record stores worldwide; YouTube monetization; sync licensingto earn money when your songs are used in film, TV, commercials, etc.; direct-to-fan sales and promotion tools with your own CDBaby.com storefront; daily trending reports from Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify; and more. A preferred Apple content provider, CD Baby is the quickest way to get your music onto Apple Music and iTunes.


Acoustic Rock Riffs: Over 40 Essential Classics


This book provides a one-stop library for more than 50 of the most popular riffs and intros every acoustic guitar player should know. Each riff, from Foo Fighters’ “Everlong” to Bad Company’s “Feel Like Makin’ Love” includes a brief overview. A packaged CD contains recorded demonstration tracks. TNT software included on the disc allows you to slow tracks down and loop the riffs to make playing along and learning easy and fun.

Acoustic Rock Riffs: Over 40 Essential Classics , Alfred Music, Van Nuys, CA.

Daily Drumset Workout

daily drumset workout

According to drum educator Dom Famularo, Daily Drumset Workout is “your personal drumming coach to take you step-by-step and feel your ideas come alive.” Dedicated drummer, teacher, and author Claus Hessler has researched and discovered the best ways to learn. He’ll teach you new rhythmic skills that facilitate greater security and musical freedom no matter what genre you play. An included high-quality MP3 CD enables you to practice every exercise, in every style, in three different tempos.

Daily Drumset Workout: A Day-to-Day Guide to Better Drumming, by Claus Hessler, Alfred Music Publishing, Cologne, Germany.

Essential Drum Lessons with the Greats


This book contains in-depth lessons and two CDs of performances by drumming greats such as Local 47 members Gregg Bissonette, Peter Erskine, and Dave Weckl, and Local 298 (Niagara Region, ON) member Neil Peart. In 26 lessons, eight legendary drummers reveal their secrets to solos, fills, double-bass grooves, polyrhythms, sticking and ostinato patterns, as well as playing in odd time signatures.

Essential Drum Lessons with the Greats, produced and co-written by John Xepoleas, Alfred Music, Van Nuys, CA.

The Total Classical Pianist

total classical pianist

This unique learning method, will help students recognize the “shapes” of chords and intervals, and to use the logic and patterns to help place fingers on the correct keys. It also covers proper use of pedals, chordal accompaniment, transposition, and tips for selecting a piano or keyboard. Designed for beginning through advanced classical pianists, it features well-known pieces from J. S. Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and more, in numerous compositional styles. It comes with a CD of examples from the book.

The Total Classical Pianist: A Fun and Comprehensive Overview of Classical Piano Playing, by Catherine Schane-Lydon, Alfred Music Publishing, Van Nuys, CA.