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Protec convert

Convertible Gear Brief / Backpack

Protec convert

Protec’s new modern and lightweight gear bag is able to convert to a backpack or a brief. Featuring three large storage sections, the insulated main storage section is designed to protect instrument cases, larger electronics, and more, while the front and middle compartments will hold laptops, cables, smaller accessories, etc. Feel safer traveling with all your gear in one durable bag.


Wallace Detroit Guitars

Wallace Detroit Guitars

Wallace Detroit GuitarsWallace Detroit Guitars creates unique instruments out of reclaimed wood from Detroit’s local landmarks. Customers from around the world can log onto wallacedetroitguitars.com to create their own musical masterpiece. Wood choices include such options as pine or maple floorboards from the former Detroit Fire Department Headquarters or maple taken from the benches of the Brewster Wheeler Recreational Center, frequented by Joe Louis as well as Motown stars like Diana Ross. Customers can also select from several body styles, custom finishes, pickguards in many colors, and pickups. Each guitar ships with a one-of-a-kind handmade guitar strap created from reclaimed car upholstery, as well as a hard-shell leather case.


Auralex MudGuard

The Auralex MudGuard v2 Microphone Shield

Auralex MudGuardThe Auralex MudGuard v2 Microphone Shield isolates mics, eliminating external noise bleed  and filtering out external overtones. Its unique, multi-radii convex shape is designed to direct unwanted and off-axis acoustic energy away from the mic, eliminating unwanted colorations. The 16-inch wide, 10-inch deep, and 14-inch tall MudGuard is made of Auralex Studiofoam to reduce excessive room ambience and off-axis sound. It mounts easily to most microphone stands with the included hardware.


Possible Settlement in Sony Class Action Suit

Attorneys for Sony ex-employees have reached an agreement in principle with Sony Pictures in their class action suit resulting from last year’s hack and their compromised personal data. Attorney Daniel Girard told The Hollywood Reporter that the deal came together after months of discussions and a mediation session. Sony’s motion to dismiss was denied, but the judge has not yet ruled whether there is enough commonality in the claims to file a class action suit nor whether specific damages could be proven due to other corporate hacks that have occurred. The former employees will have the opportunity to opt out of claims to continue separate legal action against Sony.

NBCUniversal Go to Trial Over Age Discrimination Claim

A trial is scheduled for November 2 to determine if former investigative reporter Frank Snepp was fired due to age discrimination. Snepp’s career as an investigative journalist began following a stint as a CIA analyst. However, Snepp made the news in 1980 when a landmark Supreme Court ruling upheld his confidentiality obligations with US Government over his First Amendment rights as a whistleblower in regards to his Vietnam-focused book Decent Interval. As an investigative reporter, his award-winning stories covered breaking news about the Iran Contra scandal, Monica Lewinski, SEAL Team 6, and more. In 2006 he was hired by LA’s KNBC as a field producer, two years later re-hired as a content producer, then fired in 2012, at age 69. Snepp has submitted evidence of ageist statements from NBC that he should quit or retire because of his age. NBC claims he was fired for inadequate performance.