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DK Multi

Combo Drum Key

GrooveTech’s new DK Multi is a four-in-one drum key multi-tool designed to combine style with functionality. The centerpiece is a drum key socket optimized for proper fit on the tension rod nut for minimal free play. What separates the DK Multi from other drum keys is the addition of three hex wrenches—2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm—for adjustment of pedals and other hardware.


Guitar seat

Deluxe Guitar Player’s Seat

Guitar seat

Take a Seat

Gator Frameworks’ new deluxe guitar player’s seat comes equipped with a three-point height adjustment system designed to give maximum control over your sitting position. Offers quick and easy height adjustments of the seat, backrest, and footrest. Includes foam padded seat cushion, grip tape on the foot rest, and rubber feet on the base of the seat. When not in use, hang your instrument on the rear-side yoke.



Wrap It Up

GruvGear’s FretWraps string muter is a professional string dampener / muting accessory that cuts overtones and sympathetic resonance during recording, live performance, two-hand tapping, or any creative situation where you need that extra muting hand for cleaner takes. The adjustable strap lets you fine-tune the pressure and dampening of the strings. Quickly slides over the headstock when not in use. Fits string instruments size small through extra large.





Secure Your Sax

Woodwind accessory manufacturer Key Leaves has created a way to protect saxophones from getting damaged while bumped or dropped in their cases. The GapCap replaces traditional saxophone end plugs or end caps and features a coil spring wall to provide the perfect fit inside the saxophone neck socket, no matter what make or model. GapCap screw adjusts to fit the case, shock absorbs impact, and vents air through the top and side for a cleaner saxophone and longer pad life.



Pirastro KorfkerRest

Redefined Shoulder Rest


The Pirastro KorfkerRest is billed as the world’s lightest shoulder rest. Bendable maple and sleek, ultra-light rubber feet redefine the classic shoulder rest. It offers extensive and precise personal modifications of position, height, and tilt; brings out a wider dynamic range from the instrument; and allows a richer diversity in articulation. Finer variations in string contact can be felt while minimal use of rubber improves sound characteristics.


mute caddy

Longoria Mute Caddy

Find Your Mute

mute caddy
The Longoria Model is in the foreground, behind is the latest version of the Artist Model.

The Mute Caddy’s new “Longoria” model helps trumpet players keep track of their mutes. Lightweight and portable, it slides securely onto the ledge of a music stand and has no moving parts. Organize your mutes and keep them at eye level. The Longoria can accommodate up to four mutes, and will also house three mouthpieces and a pencil—or take out a mute and you’ll have space for a beverage cup.


Ludwig speed pedal

L204SF Speed Flyer

Built to Fly

Ludwig speed pedal

The new Ludwig L204SF Speed Flyer single foot bass drum pedal features an improved beater with traditional speed sizing and increased weight, improved heel with smooth action bearings, improved toe clamp to reduce hoop damage with secured grip, new ergonomic wing bolts and attached drum key, improved baseboard for added strength, orientation marks for easier cam adjustments, and anti-slip cam features
for maximum stability.


Audix MicroBoom carbon fiber microphone

After requests from churches and musical groups, the Audix MicroBoom carbon fiber microphone boom system is now available in white. The top-selling modular solution is extremely lightweight and low profile, easy to place, immune to RF interference from wireless devices, and requires no additional phantom power adapter. Available in 50-inch and 84-inch boom lengths, Microboom is compatible with any standard mike stand and with the Micros miniature condenser microphone series—M1250B, M1255B, and M1280 (available with cardioid, hypercardioid, omni, or supercardioid capsules).