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Buffet Crampon Légende Oboe

Oboe Innovation

The new Buffet Crampon Légende oboe model is complimentary to the Buffet Crampon professional oboe family for its qualities of accuracy, flexibility, centered tone, and projection. Particular attention has been paid to the acoustic quality, the harmonic spectrum, the ease of response, and depth of sound. The Légende is part of the new Buffet Crampon aesthetic concept, with pink gold-plated posts, rings, and reed receiver.


GALA Clarinet

Buffet Crampon’s newest clarinet model, the GALA, takes advantage of the latest research and is characterized by rich harmonics and an overall balance of range. This new professional clarinet is equipped with grenadilla wooden chimneys, leather pads, adjustable thumb rest, silver plated keywork, and pochette-style case. Available in Bb and A; with an optional Eb lever.


In-bell storage from protec

Saxophone Neck and Mouthpiece Storage Pouch

Stick It in the Bell

In-bell storage from protec

Protec’s tenor saxophone in-bell neck and mouthpiece storage pouch allows you to safely and conveniently store reeds, lubricants, brushes, neck straps, and other small accessories inside the bell of your horn. The adjustable padded center divider provides additional protection when storing a neck and mouthpiece. Made of soft padded nylex that is breathable and washable. Features include a padded center divider and scratch-free drawstring closure.


Uebel Superior MGP Bb Mopane 24K Gold

The F. Arthur Uebel Superior Mopane 24K Bb clarinet is perfect for players who are looking for a warm “German” sound. It plays evenly throughout the registers without compensation by the player and is most at home in classical, symphonic, or chamber music environments. Made from seasoned Mopane wood, features include 18 keys, six rings, an ergonomically optimized design, undercut tone holes, Eb lever, “Superior” bore, FAU original Bell Modification, three barrels, adjustable ergonomic thumbrest,  24K gold plated keywork, Vandoren mouthpiece, reed, and ligature, as well as FAU Genuine leather deluxe case, case cover, and accessories bag.


oboe reed

European Scrape Oboe Reed

oboe reed

Légère European Scrape oboe reeds respond instantly and are ready to play straight from the box. The design allows for a warm, centered sound with ease of projection. They never need to be moistened and are available in three strengths: medium-soft, medium and medium-hard. They also are unaffected by any weather or humidity. Their ease of playing is the reason these reeds are heard in some of the most prestigious orchestras and on stages and recording studios around the world.


Humistat Model #1

Instrument Protection

The Humistat case humidifier model #1 helps protect your woodwind or stringed instrument against warping, shrinkage, peeling, splitting, cracking, and costly repairs. Measuring 2-3/8″ long by 3/4″ diameter (60.32 mm x 19.05 mm), the humidifier is easily refillable with water and guaranteed not to leak. You can see the water level and know precisely when to add more.

Woodwind Doubling

Woodwind Doubling for Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Woodwind DoublingThis guide from versatile woodwind artist Edward Joffe of Local 802 (New York City) provides aspiring student and professional players with a clear picture of the discipline of multiple woodwind performance. The 400-page comprehensive study has instrument history; technical aspects like breathing, embouchure, and articulation; tips on what styles of music to study, with excerpts and transcriptions; equipment; and study materials. It includes comprehensive musical examples and recommended published materials for each instrument.

Woodwind Doubling for Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, by Edward Joffe, www.joffewoodwinds.com.