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the final cluck

Tom Brunner, The Final Cluck (20 Years of Elvis Chicken)

the final cluck

Pee Pee Records

Local 41 (Johnstown, PA) member Tom Brunner isn’t kidding when he says “Weird Band Alert!” He wears a chicken head onstage while performing television show theme songs such as “Hawaii 5-0” on a Suzuki Q-Chord synth-guitar, and squawks occasionally. The Final Cluck contains 27 tunes, from “Turkey Bells” to “Coconut Island of Love.”

Brunner says performing with a rubber chicken head on is something he’s still working on perfecting. “I do a 40-minute set, and after about 25 minutes it starts to get really hot and heavy in there,” says Brunner, who has also been known to do somersaults in his very unique and unpredictable show.