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Florida Law Leaves Injured Undocumented Workers Vulnerable

Florida law states that all workers, regardless of immigration status, should be protected by worker compensation laws, but according to an NPR and ProPublica investigation, employers and insurance companies have found a way around it through a technicality. The Florida workers’ compensation law was amended in 2003 making it a felony to use false identification to get a job. Companies hiring undocumented workers purposely hold the threat of prosecution or deportation over their heads to keep them from filing claims.

Of 800 undocumented people charged with workers’ compensation fraud for using fake Social Security numbers, more than 560 never even applied for benefits. Meanwhile, insurance companies are exploiting the system by collecting premiums then not having to pay out benefits. The AFL-CIO is pushing for a comprehensive rewrite of the law.

Tell Congress to Stop Raiding Social Security

AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler says, “It’s time to push back against a loophole created by Republicans, which allows outstanding federal student loan debt to be taken from Social Security benefits.” The bill, which would end the practice of raiding people’s Social Security benefits to pay for student loans, was introduced by Sens. Ron Wyden and Sherrod Brown. She says, “Now, it’s time for Congress to take action.”

Members are encouraged to show their support and sign the petition at: www.signherenow.org/petition/stop-raiding-social-security/aflcio

Social Security Turns 80

The US Social Security program turned 80 years old August 14. In honor of the occasion AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka remarked, “For those working for a better life, Social Security is an important family income and disability protection program and the cornerstone of our retirement security. The program has worked efficiently for 80 years, even though opponents have tried to dismantle, cut, privatize, or undermine the program since the day it was signed into law. They have created crises when none existed and demanded ‘reforms’ that make no sense. But Americans understand that Social Security is a solution not a problem, and now is the time to strengthen and expand it for all generations of working families.”

Republicans’ First Target: Social Security

As the Republican majority House of Representatives got to work in January, they set to work to cut Social Security almost immediately. Buried in a package of rule changes, was a provision that the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM) says would: “allow a 20% benefit cut for millions of disabled Americans, unless there are broader Social Security benefit cuts or tax increases improving the solvency of the combined trust funds.”

Republicans didn’t call it a cut, saying they were changing the rules on reallocation (the routine transfer of funds between the Social Security retirement trust fund and the disability program). The Alliance for Retired Americans called the House action “a direct attack on seniors, disabled Americans, and the Social Security trust fund … [and] a complete disregard for keeping the promise to hardworking Americans who have contributed to Social Security.”

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