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Sabian’s Sound Kit

CT-Sabian-Sound-System-NxvrPr4KksJZHVuEsqvYRtMpcJ7_h2L4rj_A4JORMCUSabian’s Sound Kit is designed as a simple solution to superior drum sounds. No more piecing together microphone and mixer combinations and tweaking them to get the right sound. Sound Kit takes out the guesswork for practice sessions, rehearsals, and in live environments. It’s especially ideal for performances in small clubs, bars, and houses of worship. Fast setup and balanced XLR outputs simplify drum amplification. The kit is equipped with a kick-tuned channel, two optimized overhead channels, a high output headphone amp with both 3.5 mm and quarter-inch jacks, and a lineout for live audio applications. Preset audio filters on each channel maximize sound quality. The Sound Kit optimizes the proven Recorderman mic placement technique for natural drum sound. The kit’s mic set includes a dynamic kick drum mic and two overhead mics optimized for cymbals.


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Sabian’s Vintage Brown Line of Cymbal Bags

sabian cymbal bagsSabian’s Vintage Brown line of cymbal bags offer the unique look of high-end vintage bags in a durable and scratch resistant faux leather vinyl. The line includes Sabian’s Fast 22 and Pro 24 with a Fast Hat Pocket for quick set-up and tear down, plus classic cymbal bags with thick protective padding and stick bags with multiple pockets for numerous types of sticks and mallets.