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Digital Content Market

The Global Digital Content Market

Being a newbie, sliding into my seat to listen to presentations on the global digital market in the main conference hall at WIPO headquarters in Geneva was like revisiting a university lecture hall. Except that, unlike a campus lecture, there were more than 1,000 registrations from 144 countries.

Now, on to what was learned. The creative industry represents more than 30 million jobs worldwide. The global music recording industry is worth US $15 billion. Revenue from digital sources grew to $6.8 billion and is now equal to those from physical sources, averaged across all markets. Yet, music is still in a state of flux as it struggles to adapt to the online era. Digital delivery decreases the cost of creating, distributing, and storing music, yet the remuneration to artists in this medium has not made up the difference from losses in physical sales.

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Apple to Announce Streaming Service Today

According to AppleInsider Apple’s new streaming music service, Apple Music, will likely be announced at a Worldwide Developer’s Conference today. Based on Beats Music it will ask users for their favorite genres when they sign up, and then would include artist recommendations. As of last week, Apple was reported to still be negotiating fees with record labels, which are reported to be asking for a higher percentage of subscriptions than what they currently receive from Spotify.