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Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra Returns Home

In September, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra performed in the Orpheum theater for the first time since Hurricane Katrina flooded its lower levels five years ago. The nearly century-old Beaux Arts theater, located in New Orleans’ Central Business District, has been restored and renovated. It is one of the few remaining vertical hall designs left in the US and has over he years hosted vaudeville acts, films, and countless orchestra performances. Its acoustics impeccable acoustics are said to rival that of Carnegie Hall.

The restoration brought back the precise 1921 color scheme; the terra cotta ceiling and ornate plasterwork were restored by hand. Modern improvements to the theater include a state-of-the-art audio and lighting system; an adjustable floor plan with removable seating; remodeled green rooms and dressing rooms; six permanent bars; additional restrooms; and two new VIP areas.