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songs for the saints

Kenny Chesney, Songs for the Saints

Released July 27
Blue Chair Records/Warner Music Nashville

Kenny Chesney of Local 257 (Nashville, TN) has long called the US Virgin Islands his second home. He even says his time spent there has shaped the man he has become. In 2017, when he began writing the songs on this album—“Song for the Saints,” then “Love for Love City”—he was worried about people in the Virgin Islands who were riding out a Category 5 hurricane. “I was so scared for a lot of people and places that I really loved,” he says. “I was anxious, and I was thousands of miles away. I needed to do something that would let those people know they weren’t going to be forgotten when the news cycle moved on. I had no idea it would be an album, but the songs were something they could sing.” Songs for the Saints features 12 tracks, of which Chesney wrote or co-wrote five. Local 257 member Jimmy Buffet, Ziggy Marley, and Mindy Smith also appear on the album.