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greening the dark

Debra Cowan, Greening the Dark

greening the dark

Debra Cowan of Local 1000 (nongeographic) has released her sixth recording, Greening the Dark. The EP, her second collaboration with drummer Dave Mattacks of Local 9-535 (Boston, MA) as arranger and producer, contains six songs about change, loss, transformation, tragedy, and empowerment. From the Celtic-sounding traditional “Hills of Greenmore,” to the late Lal Waterson’s “Anna Dixie,” Greening the Dark brings the listener on a journey of compelling storytelling.

Musically, Cowan and Mattacks have gone beyond their first collaboration, Fond Desire Farewell, by adding electric instruments, creating a folk-rock sound that is full and complex.

Musicians from Local 1000 and Local 9-535 contributed to this recording, including John Roberts (hurdy-gurdy and concertina), Duke Levine (guitars and banjo), Richard Gates (bass), Mike Barry (acoustic guitar), Billy Novick (whistles), Tom Palance (flugelhorn), Bob Nieske (bass), and Dave Mattacks (drums, cymbals, keyboards).