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Aerophone Pro

Digital Wind Instrument

Roland’s Aerophone Pro is the new flagship model in the company’s Aerophone series of digital wind instruments. The stock fingering on Aerophone Pro is the same as an acoustic sax and includes a high-F# key. Presets provide everything from vintage analog synth tones to modern hybrid sounds. Includes headphones jack, Bluetooth MIDI, built-in speaker, battery-powered operation, and onboard editing tools for personalizing sounds.


BandLab Machines' Link

BandLab Machines’ Link

BandLab Machines' Link BandLab Machines’ Link series inexpensive audio interfaces let you easily record into a phone or computer without any hardware installation or set-up. Available in three models: Link Analog single input audio interface; Link Digital single input USB audio interface; and Link Digital Duo double input USB audio interface. The impeccably engineered product features high quality Neutrik Combo Jacks for XLR and instrument input; clear sound thanks to internal battery and custom-made copper braid and aluminum-shielded signal cable. Its design works with a wide variety of digital audio workstations (DAWs), as well as the BandLab App, which allows users to record, collaborate, and share music with more than 1.5 million musicians in 180-plus countries.


Casio’s Cleviano AP-270 digital piano

Casio’s Cleviano AP-270 Digital Piano

Casio’s Cleviano AP-270 digital pianoCasio’s Cleviano AP-270 digital piano boasts a redesigned cabinet with all controls located on the side panel. The simulated ebony and ivory weighted, scaled, hammer action keyboard provides the feel, depth, and integrity of an acoustic piano. It features 22 tones, including both European and American concert grand piano tones with damper resonance. In addition, AP-270 offers Concert Play with 10 songs, three pedals, plus USB MIDI and two-track recording, all for under $1,500.