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Johann Sebastian Bach: Ciaccona (for Guitar Solo)

This new transcription of the famous Ciaccona from the Second Violin Partita (BWV1004) is the result of many years of research by Italian guitarist Paolo Pegoraro in style and interpretation, both as a performer and teacher. In preparing this edition, Pegoraro has always kept Bach’s original text foremost, while making it suitable for a plucked instrument and recalling the emotional language and timbre of the Baroque lute.

Johann Sebastian Bach: Ciaccona (for Guitar Solo), edited
by Paolo Pegoraro, Edition Chanterelle im Allegra Musikverlag,

15 sinfonias

J.S. Bach’s 15 Sinfonias for Three Flutes

15 sinfonias

Flutist Bill Giannone of Local 802 (New York City) took J.S. Bach’s 15 Sinfonias, also known as “Three-Part Inventions,” for piano and transcribed them for three flutes. Bach wrote the sinfonias as short exercises for private practice by keyboard students—which have three-part counterpoint. Compositions in the same style as a sinfonia but using two-part counterpoint are known as inventions. Giannone has taken these instructional piano pieces and scored them for the flute’s range, along with dynamic and phrase markings.

J.S. Bach’s 15 Sinfonias for Three Flutes, arranged by Bill Giannone, Rosebud Music Publishing Co., www.flutesheetmusic.com.

Suite Francaise No 3

Jean-Sebastien Bach: Suite Francaise No 3 (for Two Guitars)

Suite Francaise No 3

This transcription of Bach’s Third French Suite offers a particularly good example of the potential of the guitar duo in terms of polyphonic or rhythmic writing and ornamentation. This suite—from the famous “Six French Suites”—was composed at the end of the Bach’s stay at the Köthen court. Bach’s knowledge of (and interest in) French harpsichord music and technique is evident throughout the Suite.

Jean-Sebastien Bach: Suite Francaise No 3 (for Two Guitars), transcribed by Jean Horreaux, Gerard Billaudot, www.billaudot.com.

Commemorative Bach Bone

In celebration of the anniversary of Vincent Bach, Conn-Selmer and Vincent Bach launched 42BOF Bach Stradivarius Centennial commemorative trombones. The model features traditional 42 bell for ultimate in tonal response; “bell-free bracing” to allow the bell to freely vibrate; and an “open-flow” valve for playability in the lower register, while maintaining the high range.


J.S. Bach: Six Sonatas and Partitas

J.S. Bach: Six Sonatas and Partitas

J.S. Bach: Six Sonatas and PartitasBach’s sonatas and partitas have captivated violinists for centuries. Having studied the music of Bach for decades, violinist Rachel Barton Pine, a member of Local 10-208 (Chicago, IL), created this edition complete with detailed historical notes, performance suggestions, and downloadable study materials. Her interpretation is informed by historical study and polished by years of performance insight, and closely follows her 2016 recording Testament: Complete Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin by J.S. Bach.

J.S. Bach: Six Sonatas and Partitas for Violin Alone, edited by Rachel Barton Pine, Carl Fischer, www.carlfischer.com.