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Washburn’s IDOL Style Body Guitars

Two new guitars revive Washburn’s IDOL style body pioneered in 1999. IDOL WIT16 VSK-D (pictured) features a vintage sunburst design, Duncan Stacked Tele pickups, a burled maple top, ash back, ebony fingerboard, and hard maple neck. IDOL WIS26 MRK-D is a metallic red copper guitar with the original IDOL body, USA ‘59/Cust5 Duncan pickups and is wired with award-winning Variable Contour Control allowing the player to sweep through an infinite number of tone colors between humbucking and single coil. The top, back and neck are mahogany, and the fingerboard is ebony. Both feature the original IDOL style body, Buzz Feiten tuning system, come with a gig bag, and have an MSRP of $1,426.