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TD-25 V-Drums

Roland’s TD-25 V-Drums

TD-25 V-DrumsRoland’s TD-25 V-Drums deliver a superior drumming experience—dynamic, interactive feel, with sounds that respond organically to the touch. TD-25’s streamlined interface features quick and easy customization with a large dial for quick kit selection, sounds that can be edited by striking a pad or using knobs to change instruments and adjust tuning, muffling, and levels. Audio and MIDI data can be recorded directly via USB. TD-25 V-Drums are available in two configurations. TD-25KV includes: two eight-inch pads for rack toms, a 10-inch pad for floor tom, two 12-inch crash cymbals, a 13-inch ride cymbal, a kick pad, and V-Hi-Hat. TD-K includes: two 6.5-inch pads for rack toms, an eight-inch pad for floor tom, a 12-inch crash cymbal, a 13-inch ride cymbal, a kick pad, and V-Hi-Hat.