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Todd Sharp Amplifiers

Todd-Sharp-Amp-redHand-crafted in Nashville, Tennessee, Todd Sharp Amplifiers’ debut model is the JOAT (Jack of All Tone) 20-Watt Reverb/Tremolo and Model A 2×12-inch speaker cabinet. Each component in the amplifier was painstakingly process selected for optimum performance. This is the flagship model for the company founded in 2016 by guitarist Todd Sharp, a member of Local 257 (Nashville, TN), who has also owned and operated an amplifier repair shop for the past 20 years. It offers a unique approach to vacuum tube guitar amplification. There is no tone stack (conventional bass, mid, treble controls), nor the loss that comes with a convention tone stack. Instead, the JOAT circuit employs rotary selector switches: attitude, low cut, and high cut, along with a “bite” switch. Inputs one and two are designed intentionally to receive single coil or dual coil pickups. The reverb is unlike any other, producing super smooth sound more like  a plate than spring reverb. Tremolo offers an ultra-stable, wide range of speed and intensity—from subtle to full stutter.