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The Musician Says

The Musician Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom

The Musician SaysThis collection of quotes from an eclectic group of revered musicians spanning centuries, genres, and continents, reminds us that the creative process bridges time and place, and that music is a universal language. Covering everything from the songwriting process to the excitement of a live performance, each pair of pages shows similar (or differing) opinions on various musical subjects. For example, Ani DiFranco of Local 1000 (Nongeographic) says, “You’ve got to ignore the facts to tell the truth,” while Paul Simon of Local 802 (New York City) says, “It’s very helpful to start with something that’s true. If you start with something false, you’re always covering your tracks.”

The Musician Says: Quote, Quips, and Words of Wisdom, compiled and edited by Benedetta LoBalbo, Princeton Architectural Press, www.papress.com