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Shop Union for Your Celebrations

As the holiday season approaches, be sure to support good jobs and look for union made products for all your gift giving, celebrating, and decorating needs. Here’s a sampling of food and beverage items to look for:


Whole turkeys: Butterball and Foster Farms

Hams and other meats: Alexander
& Hornung, Boar’s Head, Cook’s,
Farmland, Hillshire Farm, Hormel,
John Morrell, Oscar Meyer, Sahlen’s, and Thumann’s

Pies and desserts: Entenmann’s
and Marie Callender’s

Side dishes, condiments, and other
Amaral Ranches, Andy Boy, Banquet, Betty Crocker, Birds Eye, DelFresh, Dole, Gargiulo, Gourmet Foods, Kraft, Mann’s, Ocean Spray, Ore Ida, Stroehmann

Snacks: Act II and Orville Redenbacher popcorn, Bagel Bites, Bugles, Cheetos, Cheez-It, Chex Mixes, Doritos, Frito-Lay, Mission Chips, Old El Paso, Ritz, Rold Gold, Ruffles, Sun Chips, Tostitos, Triscuit, and Wheat Thins


Spirits and liquors: Bacardi, Captain Morgan, DeKuyper, Gilbey’s, Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam, Knob Creek, Maker’s Mark, Pinnacle, Seagram’s, Southern Comfort, Wild Turkey

Wines: CK Mondavi, Chateau Ste.
Michelle, Corbett Canyon,
Dubonnet, Livingston Cellars, St.
Supery, Turning Leaf, Weibel

Beers: Blue Moon, Mendocino Brewing Company, Budweiser, Coors, Miller, Pabst, Sam Adams, Shock Top

Mixers and nonalcoholic drinks:
Clamato, Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper,
Minute Maid, Pepsi, Schweppes, Sprite, V8, Welch’s

Hot chocolate: Kayo, Ghirardelli, Swiss Miss

Teas: Tender Leaf

Coffees: Eight O’Clock, Folgers, Kauai, Maxwell House, Millstone


Chocolates: Cadbury, Ghirardelli, Hershey, Rolo, Russell Stover, Toblerone, York Peppermint Patties

Other candies: Bit-O-Honey, Dum Dums, Jawbreakers, Jelly Belly, Necco Wafers, See’s, Smarties, Sour Patch Kids, Super Ropes, Tootsie Rolls

Visit the website Labor411.org for comprehensive lists.