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D’Addario XS Coated Guitar Strings

D’Addario XS Coated Guitar Strings

The new D’Addario XS coated guitar strings offer a new, thin film coating (1/10 the thickness of a human hair) that protects the wound strings from corrosion without dampening the tone. This new film covering is combined with D’Addario’s proprietary dispersion coating to protect the plain steel strings as well. The XS also incorporate D’Addario’s NY steel high-carbon cores in the wound strings and Fusion Twist technology in the plain steels to offer high break strength and tuning stability. Available beginning in April for acoustic guitar, 12-string guitar, and mandolin in the most popular gauges.  


Ergonomic Contrabass

The Upton Bass Ergo Double Bass by AES features an asymmetric design that sits close to the player’s body allowing for a better reach with the bowing arm and remarkable fingerboard access. The Ergo also features unbroken cornerless lower bouts and sound ports on the player’s side for acoustic response. This first 2020 Upton-built version is fully carved, with lightly figured domestic maple back and sides, Sitka spruce top, and a 41-inch string length.


42 Etudes For Violin Solo

Published in early 1806, Kreutzer’s 40 Études ou Caprices for violin—there are 42 today—are the product of his years-long employment at the Conservatoire de Paris and are the most comprehensive collection of studies from his quill. Their systematic and complete reappraisal of essential violin technique make them an indispensable tool of the trade for every serious student of the violin (conservatory level).

42 Etudes for Violin Solo, by Rodolphe Kreutzer, G. Henle Verlag, www.henle.de/us

PRS S2 Vela

The PRS S2 Vela Guitar

PRS S2 VelaThe PRS S2 Vela offers vintage-inspired personality and tons of tonal textures. According to Jim Cullen, PRS Guitars National Sales Manager, Vela offers a different aesthetic in a PRS guitar. Its offset body shape is elegant and edgy. It comes with a PRS-designed Starla humbucker in the bridge and Type-D singlecoil in the neck. Its plate-style bridge with two brass saddles was designed to compensate for intonation.