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WestJet’s Encore Pilots Organize

Last month, 500 pilots for WestJet Airlines’ regional carrier, Encore, formally joined the Air Line Pilots Association, selecting the organization as its bargaining representative.

In a statement, WestJet, which once took pride in its nonunion corporate culture, said, “we are disappointed by this outcome.”


Make Your Voice Heard as House Prepares to Vote on Fast Track

The US House is expected to vote on Fast Track before the weekend, so it’s time to make your voice heard. And we have to stop it so it doesn’t take away our jobs, wages and our ability to make sure international trade deals work for everybody, not just corporations and the 1%.

Click here to call your representative and ask him or her to stand with working people and vote “no” on Fast Track.

Our democracy and the livelihood of working families across the country depend on us finishing what we’ve started. Congress needs to know that we will not stand by and let the 1% trade away our democracy for their gains in profit. We may be the underdogs but, if we act now, stopping Fast Track is a real possibility.