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University of Chicago Grad Students Organize

In October, graduate students at the University of Chicago became the latest to vote to unionize, despite opposition from administrators. Currently, 12 academic institutions host Graduate Student Unions. Penn students faced the same opposition when they voted for unionization last year.

Senator Bernie Sanders, a 1964 UChicago graduate, commented in a letter: “Having a union ends the arrangement where the employer makes all the decisions unilaterally, and institutes a legal process where your union organization collectively bargains with the employer regarding the issues you have identified as needing improvement. I respect the critical work you do every day, and wish you the very best in your efforts to create a democratic workplace where your voice can really be heard.”

Concert Unites Iran and Israel in Opposition

When the nuclear accord agreement with Iran was reached this summer, artists in the Western countries involved hoped for greater cultural exchanges with the country. However, according to The New York Times, when Berlin Staatskapelic orchestra director Daniel Barenboim tried to bring a concert to Tehran, with the support of Germany’s foreign minister, he was met with opposition from both Iran and Israel. The Israeli culture minister called the performance anti-Israel and accused the director of “using culture as a platform for his political views against the state of Israel.” Iran’s culture ministry says it has decided against the concert because of Barenboim’s Israeli citizenship.