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Iran Raps Its Propaganda Message to Young People

Recently, Iran’s state controlled media has begun launching videos that feature rappers delivering their propaganda messages. In one such video, a well-known Iranian rapper sings on the deck of a navy frigate. Another raps about Iranian power; flags are waving in the background while soldiers sing along and stomp their feet. A sign of the times, Iran’s propaganda machine realizes that it must embrace the latest trends and technologies in order to reach the new generation of young adults.

Concert Unites Iran and Israel in Opposition

When the nuclear accord agreement with Iran was reached this summer, artists in the Western countries involved hoped for greater cultural exchanges with the country. However, according to The New York Times, when Berlin Staatskapelic orchestra director Daniel Barenboim tried to bring a concert to Tehran, with the support of Germany’s foreign minister, he was met with opposition from both Iran and Israel. The Israeli culture minister called the performance anti-Israel and accused the director of “using culture as a platform for his political views against the state of Israel.” Iran’s culture ministry says it has decided against the concert because of Barenboim’s Israeli citizenship.