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Dan Beck

MPTF Announces Latest Grant Budget News

As the world continues to anticipate the mitigation of COVID-19, after two historic years of tragedy, conflict, disruption, and innovation, the Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) is planning for a return to uncompromised live music performances. While adjustments will be made should the pandemic continue, the MPTF is eager to support high profile, live, admission-free music events, including music education programs, as well as performances in senior centers, assisted living facilities, and community venues throughout the US and Canada.

The MPTF and AFM locals have coordinated more than 224 admission-free concerts for April to celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month. It is a fresh sign that musicians and audiences are ready to re-engage in the joy and appreciation of great music performed live.

I am happy to report that our 2022-2023 fiscal year grant budget will increase from $2.2 million to $2.5 million, inclusive of the National Fund for special projects. Our senior center/assisted living initiative, MusicianFest, budget of $200,000 will be allocated separately as a supplement to the general grant budget. Local grant coordinators and local officers have been informed of the relevant allocations by state/province.

Additional funds will be made available to support the MPTF scholarship program that was launched in 2020. In total, the full grant allocation is $2.85 million. This is an increase of approximately 30% over the total distribution target for 2021-2022 and is the largest grant budget in over a decade.

With the expected return to a full slate of traditional live performances, MPTF has been preparing new promotional materials. A fully updated and comprehensive edition of the trustee’s regulations was sent to each local to provide guidance on the grant rules and how each local can implement a grant submission. Our grant management team is always available to help clarify any issue in the grant application process.

The MPTF has also created a series of marketing tools to promote our sponsored and co-sponsored events. These include large free-standing banners that are personalized for the more active locals. Standard versions will be available to all locals who are actively participating in our grant resources. Traditional posters will also be available, along with flyer templates, which can be accessed online to print physical copies and to use on social media.

Near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in May 2020, MPTF launched an online streaming initiative that delivered over 1,200 grant-supported live performances. We intend to continue this approach to bringing admission-free concerts to the public as part of our community events program.

The MPTF will provide matching funds (50/50) for all community events in parks and public spaces and will require a local community co-sponsor. MPTF has created brochures as a tool to help encourage community co-sponsorship and explain how to secure our funding. Locals can request both printed and online versions of the brochure.

There is no guarantee that MPTF annual grant budgets will continue to increase in years to come. Therefore, it is essential for locals to seek civic partners to expand the influence of MPTF grants to increase live music’s impact on the community.

MusicianFest will continue. Interested locals will be provided an allocated number of performances by our grant management team. Similarly, the Music in the Schools programs will be fully funded but maxed at 25% of the local’s overall allocation. All grant applications are to be submitted through the offices of AFM locals. Check with your local on the availability of grant funding.

The MPTF reintroduced a scholarship grant program in 2020, when live performance opportunities were limited. We intend to continue providing scholarships. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Live music is back! And together, we can make exciting and musically diverse, admission-free community performances happen throughout North America. Let’s celebrate the sounds of summer 2022!

Music Performance Trust Fund MusicianFest Launches and Expands to Canada

The Film Fund and Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF) are teaming up with organizations in the US and Canada to bring live music to older adults at senior centers this year. Named MusicianFest, the program will stage up to 500 free performances at senior centers in an effort to bring the positive impact of music into the lives of older adults. The concert series also will boost the employment of local musicians—many of whom will be contemporaries of their audiences. In the US, MPTF is collaborating with the National Council on Aging (NCOA), and in Canada, they’ve teamed up with the Health Arts Society of Canada.

Inaugural US Event

(L to R) NCOA Public Affairs Manager Vanessa Sink, University Settlement Older Adult Program Director Michele Rodriguez, MPTF Trustee Dan Beck, Rosanne Cash (member of Local 802),  CEO of University Settlement Michael Zisser, and AFM Secretary-Treasure Sam Folio.

(L to R) NCOA Public Affairs Manager Vanessa Sink, University Settlement Older Adult Program Director Michele Rodriguez, MPTF Trustee Dan Beck, Rosanne Cash (member of Local 802),
CEO of University Settlement Michael Zisser, and AFM Secretary-Treasure Sam Folio.

The inaugural US MusicianFest event was held at the University Settlement Neighborhood Center. Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash of Local 802 (New York City) introduced the first MusicianFest performer and spoke about the MPTF and the many benefits of music in her life.

“For me, music is the greatest healing force in my life. When I want to sort out my memories, when I want to cry, I find a good, sad piece of music to do that. When I want to remember old times, when I want to connect with people I love, and the feeling I had when I fell in love or when I lost someone, or when I went on a journey. Music is the currency and the language for all of that, and it always has been for me. I’ve made sense of my life through music,” says Cash.

Noted New York guitarist and singer Richard Frank of Local 802 (New York City) was the first MusicianFest performer. Nearly 100 older adults joined the celebration, singing and dancing to the music. (View video highlights of the event here https://youtu.be/ZVK1cfLHZSA.)

“With the support of the AFM and NCOA’s guidance, we look forward to merging the capabilities of senior advocates with professional musicians to create dynamic programs,” says MPTF Trustee Dan Beck. “We are grateful for the support from the Film Fund to create this new initiative. We hope to inspire further support to continue this work in the years ahead.”

To find a list of US senior centers hosting MusicianFest performances, visit www.ncoa.org/MusicianFest.

Canadian Expansion

In Canada, MusicianFest events will be held in conjunction with The Health Arts Society. Founded by David Lemon in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2006, this organization meets the broadly understood need for high quality live professional arts programs for elders and others living in long-term residential care and retirement homes. Combined with its sister societies in every province, it’s the largest arts presenter to people in these facilities, bringing the work of some of the nation’s finest performers to people who can no longer enjoy regular public performances. To date, the society has presented more than 10,000 Concerts in Care to more than 450,000 people and provided professional musicians with 20,000-plus paid performance engagements.

Health Arts Society, as well as sister societies Health Arts Society of Ontario and Québec’s Société pour les Arts en Milieux de Santé, are proud to be associated with MusicianFest, which draws attention to the valuable work of professional musicians in the communities of retirement homes and residential care. By contributing 75 Concerts in Care in Ontario, British Columbia, and Québec, the National Council on Aging and the MPTF bring the enrichment and pleasure of first-class music performance to people who cannot access public venues.

The 75 concerts presented in Canada by the three societies will reach an audience of more than 3,000 with performances of classical, jazz, folk, and world music.

Both the US and Canadian MusicianFest concerts are already engaged with a target completion date of June 30. For further Information about MusicianFest please contact MPTF Trustee Dan Beck: dbeck@musicpf.org.

MPTF Launches MusicianFest Partnership with National Council on Aging

by Dan Beck, Trustee, Music Performance Trust Fund

The inaugural performance featured Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash (member of Local 802) and a performance by noted New York guitarist and singer Richard Frank (member of Local 802) at University Settlement Neighborhood Center. Nearly 100 older adults joined the celebration, singing and dancing to the music of their lives

Music is a powerful connector. For older adults, music can have a positive impact on their mental and physical well-being. That’s why the Music Performance Trust Fund (MPTF), Film Fund Trust Fund, and National Council on Aging (NCOA) are teaming up to bring live music to senior centers across the country.

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