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Clayton Cameron

Drummer Clayton Cameron Used Math to Impress James Brown

Clayton Cameron of Local 47 (Los Angeles, CA) has drummed with Sammy Davis Jr, and has also recorded 15 albums with Tony Bennett. He’s a skilled drummer for sure, but he says his secret is how understanding math has increased his drumming capability. He explains on NPR how he used math to impress James Brown, who was known for not liking what other drummers played in his band. Cameron was pleased to report he was met with a satisfied Brown as he told Cameron “that was funky.”

Clayton Cameron gave a Ted Talk about using math with drumming to explain drumming in a new way to children. He breaks down the style of drumming into musical measures to which he then explains using mathematical terms. A style he coined as “A-Rhythm-Etic” Watch the video and see how a new way to look at drumming may open up new ways to play.