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Bluegrass HoF Museum to Open in October

The Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Museum in Owensboro, Kentucky, has revealed the details of its grand opening set for October 18-20. A private October 18 event pays homage to those who have shaped bluegrass music and an October 19 concert, which is already sold out, will feature Kentucky native Sam Bush, a member of Local 257 (Nashville, TN). On Saturday the museum will open for the first public tours with free concerts all day from a variety of performers, including the Yonder Mountain String Band.

US CEOs Have Biggest Pay Gap Compared to Average Workers

Companies listed on the US exchange must disclose the ratio between a chief executive officer’s compensation and the pay of its median worker for any fiscal year starting on or after January 2017. A Bloomberg analysis of the data found that CEOs of the biggest publicly traded US company’s averaged $14.3 million in annual pay, 265 times more than average workers and the highest ratio of any country. The ratio is double that of Canada and 10 times greater than the country with the second biggest gap, India (229). Norway and Austria have some of the smallest margins. CEOs of companies in the Norwegian OBX Index got on average $1.28 million, roughly the income of 20 people.