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Indianapolis Symphony Continues to Balance Budget

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) achieved its second consecutive surplus, slightly more than $266,000, in fiscal year 2014. Its total revenue was $23.5 million.

The orchestra saw a 16% increase in revenue from ticket sales, with a 30% increase in subscription sales—the highest subscription numbers since the 2008-2009 season. Fiscal year 2014 was the second best fundraising year in ISO’s history—second only to fiscal year 2013—and brought in $9.73 million. The value of the endowment increased, from $86.5 to $92.5 million, and the orchestra’s 5% endowment draw was much more conservative than the 12% draw taken in fiscal year 2012.

Although the ISO report shows an upward trend, the musicians are still feeling the difficult pay cuts following the 2012 lockout, but welcome this positive news and look forward to continued financial and artistic growth.