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Farm Workers Aren’t Free

Freedom to come together and negotiate in a union is even more important when it comes to migrant farm workers. Fear of retaliation on farms in the US is so widespread. Farm bosses know they can bring people in to work, treat them poorly, deny those who stand up for their rights a visa for next season, and in that way, keep them “in line.”

One recent and disturbing case is Jose Alberto who worked at the farm of North Carolina Senator Brent Jackson for four years. After he accidently broke a piece of equipment, he was fired for refusing to pay for it and evicted from his housing. When he and six other workers filed a lawsuit against Jackson Farming Company for unpaid wages and Alberto’s unjust firing, a farm employee called them at their homes in Mexico and threatened them. None have been offered farm jobs this season.

Visit: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/stop-the-retaliation-of-farm-workers-at-jackson-farming-company-2?source=blog to send an e-mail to state senator of North Carolina and owner of Jackson Farming Co., Brent Jackson, and tell him to stop the retaliation, rehire blacklisted and fired workers, and allow employees to negotiate together to create a better workplace.