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Meet the Electronic Media Services Division Staff

by Mary Beth Blakey, AFM EMSD Contract Administrator

As we so frequently get caught up in the day-to-day grind of business, and the pursuit of agreements and payments for our members, it can be difficult to make time to get to know each other. With that in mind, I’ve assembled the following “Who’s Who” for the Electronic Media Services Division (EMSD)—summarizing the job responsibilities for the staff.

New York — East Coast OFFICE

Patrick VarrialePat Varriale: Now director of EMSD, Varriale has been around for 40 years. He is all things electronic media, specializing in all facets of the Sound Recording Labor, National Public Television, National Public Radio, Limited Pressing, Demonstration Recording, and Background Music agreements.

maria warner-dowrichMaria Warner-Dowrich: Contract Administrator for Electronic Media Services Division, New York, Warner-Dowrich administrates commercial announcements, low budget sound recording, theme park, and limited pressings.

Kim WysockiKim Wysocki: As Administrative Assistant to Pat Varriale in the East Coast Office, Wysocki assists in the processing and entry of the commercial announcements/assumption agreements and provides assistance in signatory renewals. She also researches the numerous CDs that come into the office via record companies.


Los Angeles — West Coast OFFICE

Addison GranilloAddison Granillo: EMSD’s FM Commercials Administrator and New Use Commercials Manager Granillo fields commercial questions from players, employers, and local reps. He contacts ad agencies, both foreign and domestic, regarding commercial new use payment responsibilities.

Aksinia DintchevaAksinia Dintcheva: In the New Use Department, Dintcheva works tirelessly to create B-7 contracts and billings. A University of Georgia graduate, she has been working at the EMSD for 15 years.

Alisa ChildsAlisa Childs: New Use Research Administrator Childs creates research viewing schedules, meticulously monitors and analyzes electronic media, explores resources for identified new use, and prepares documents for new use billing packets.

Andie ChildsAndie Childs: Administrator Childs manages historical soundtracks and projects involving film-to-film clip use. She also handles spreadsheets and dispersals for compilation projects and programs.

Andre ShaversAndre Shavers: In charge of collections for the New Use Department, Shavers pursues payment for billings generated by that department. He also oversees notices for work dues payments.

Anna BedjanianAnna Bedjanian: As Commercial New Use Assistant, Bedjanian researches national and worldwide tune usage requests, and gathers current musician information. If necessary, she helps locate proper musician beneficiaries and composes B6 billing contracts.

Bryan VasquezBryan Vasquez: A researcher for the New Use Department, Vasquez monitors and analyzes TV and film media to track down new uses of sound recordings. He  prepares documentation for the necessary billing packet.

Chris DeLeonChris DeLeon: Assisting the New Use Department by generating B-7s, as well as handling local tech issues in the West Coast Office, DeLeon played a big role in our recent Internet upgrade.

Katelyn SegnereKatelyn Segnere: Administrative assistant in the West Coast Office, Segnere focuses on beneficiary documentation. She also works with Allen and Blakey on special administrative projects.

mary beth blakeyMary Beth Blakey: The contract administrator covering television videotape, basic cable television, Internet, new media projects, and video games, Blakey is marking her fifth year working at EMSD.

Matt AllenMatt Allen: The contract administrator who handles motion picture and television film, as well as low budget, student, festival, and industrial films, initially worked at Local 47 (Los Angeles, CA), administering the Sound Recording Labor Agreement. When Allen came to work at the Federation, he  managed commercial new use before moving into film agreements.

Niccole CulverNiccole Culver: As the primary receptionist in the EMSD’s West Coast Office, Culver works closely with Allen and Blakey on film and television projects, and handles a large portion of the signatory data entry.

Peter MarroquinPeter Marroquin: As New Use Administrator for sound recording into film, Marroquin also handles data storage and management for the office. He has the distinction of having worked for the AFM for 20 years.


Who to contact in EMSD? Click Here

East Coast Office: Tel (212) 869-1330

Ext. 234 – Patrick Varriale, Director of Electronic Media Services:
General Electronic Media, Sound Recordings, Nat’l Public TV, NPR, Background Music, Demonstration Recordings, Limited Volume Agreements.

Ext. 233 – Maria Warner-Dowrich, Contract Admin:
Commercial Announcements, East Coast, Low Budget Sound Recordings, Limited Pressings, Theme Park, Electronic Media

West Coast Office: Tel (323) 461-5401

Ext. 206 – Matt Allen, Contract Admin.
Theatrical-Film, TV-Film, Low Budget Film, Independent Film

Ext. 212 – Mary Beth Blakey, Contract Admin
Internet, Videotape, Basic Cable, Pay Cable, Video Games

Ext. 222 – Andie Childs, Admin.
Clips, Soundtracks

Ext. 221 – Addison Granillo, Admin.
Commercials, Commercials New Yse

Ext. 218 – Peter Marroquin, Admin.
Theater-Film, TV-Film New Use




AFM Appoints New Director of Electronic Media Services

AFM President Ray Hair is pleased to announce the appointment of Patrick Varriale as Director of Electronic Media Services Division (EMSD), effective January 26. Varriale is an assistant to the president and has served as EMSD assistant director since 2008, supervising and coordinating all media issues in the Federation’s New York headquarters. He replaces outgoing Director Bill Thomas, who resigned from that position earlier this year.

Varriale began his service to the Federation 40 years ago in 1974, when he was hired into the AFM’s Recording Department by then AFM Executive Assistant to the President Bob Crothers. He eventually was tasked with supervising contract matters for Jingles, National Public Television, and Radio, and Sound Recordings. After Crothers retired and was succeeded by Dick Gabriel, who directed the Division from the AFM’s West Coast Office in Los Angeles, Varriale oversaw preparations for media negotiations and ratification processes for all nonsymphonic media agreements, including Live Television and Motion Picture-TV Film. During his 40 years of service, he has advised and counseled seven AFM presidents on media matters, from AFM President Hal Davis onward.

“I am extremely proud to welcome Patrick Varriale as the new director of our Electronic Media Services Division,” says Hair. “There is no one on the labor side of the media business more qualified for the job or more capable of assuming the role of EMSD director than Pat Varriale. The decades of knowledge and experience he brings to the division each day have served our members well. He will now lead a great team of experienced staffers who are dedicated to improving the lives of professional musicians working in the media industry.”