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Top 10 Reasons to Record AFM

In summary, and with apologies to David Letterman, the EMSD staff have compiled the Top 10 most important reasons why you should record under AFM agreements:

1Standard wages—You are guaranteed to receive at least the minimum standards for your services.

 Doubling and overdubs—In addition to the wage payments, the employer is required to make payments for your doubling and overdub services.

 Foreign use—If you perform services in the production of a show produced under most of the AFM’s television agreements, aside from the payment due to you for your original services, if the program is broadcast overseas, you will receive additional payments.

DVD payments—If the program is released into the DVD format, you will be entitled to additional payments that will continue to accrue based on the gross receipts.

Pension fund contribution—The employer is required to make a pension fund contribution on your behalf, which puts your session work into the system.

Health and welfare fund contribution—The employer is required to make a health and welfare contribution, either to the health plan of your local (if it has one), or directly to you.

Special payments fund—If you perform services on a session(s) for a sound recording, you are guaranteed to receive payments from the Sound Recording Special Payments Fund for the next five years.

Secondary markets fund—Under the Basic Theatrical Motion Picture or Television Film Labor Agreements you will qualify for distributions from the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund, should the film be released to outlets such as pay cable TV or the home video market.

 Reuse—Under the Commercial Announcements Agreement you will receive periodic reuse payments for any new cycles the commercial(s) enter into.

And the number one reason to record AFM:

 New use—If you perform services under an AFM agreement and your product is licensed for use in another medium, such as a theatrical motion picture, television film, or commercial announcement, you will be entitled to additional payments as if you had performed the work under that agreement.