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Dayton Musicians Head Off Wage Reopener

Musicians of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra (DPO), members of Local 101-473 (Dayton, OH), recently headed off an attempt by their employer to reopen talks when the ink was barely dry on a memorandum of agreement for a new CBA. The musicians, represented by Local 101-473 and assisted by AFM Symphonic Services Division (SSD) Negotiator Jane Owen, reached agreement on a new CBA with the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance in Spring 2017, after just five days of bargaining. The Dayton Performing Arts Alliance comprises the DPO, Dayton Ballet, and Dayton Opera.

Almost immediately after the new master agreement was ratified, the employer sought to reopen negotiations to address financial concerns that had allegedly arisen. With the support of Local 101-473 and SSD, the players committee refused to reopen the contract, but agreed to work with the employer in an effort to address its concerns. The result of those discussions was a side letter allowing the employer a brief extension of the season into June for the last three years of the contract to accommodate concert hall scheduling conflicts.

The new four-year agreement, which began in September 2017, freezes musician compensation for the first year, but includes wage increases for all musicians (contracted and substitutes/extras) of 1% in year two and 2% in years three and four. Though the previous agreement had slashed service counts, the new agreement increases service counts in year four, adding three additional services for all contracted musicians. Between five and 10 provisional services are now included for every level of the contract. Provisional services are defined as services that are guaranteed, but with no assigned date, time, location, or program. Fifty percent of these services are to be designated by September 15 and the other 50% by January 15 of each season.