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Canadian Steel Workers Victorious Over Crown

Steelworkers who work for Crown Metal Packaging in Toronto, Ontario, have ended their 22-month strike with a new six-year collective agreement. The members of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 9176 will return to work August 10. On July 8, the company finally relented on its attempt to bar striking workers from returning to their jobs. The company had hired replacement workers during the dispute. Not only will all striking workers now have a chance to return to their jobs, but those who choose not to return will be offered enhanced retirement and severance provisions.

“These workers fought for nearly two years against a foreign multinational’s attempt to eliminate their union and their unionized jobs. They received tremendous support from their community and from many allies,” says USW Ontario Director Marty Warren. He thanked the many unions, community groups, and consumers who provided tremendous support, both financial and moral, to the workers and their families.